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Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel - Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

This event was on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer has crafted new seasonal fall-inspired desserts and cakes made from core Rouxbe pastry courses fundamentals and techniques.

These brand new recipes include a … Read More.



What is sea salt de Guerande?

— Kris Wood


It's salt that is harvested on the on the coast of Brittany in France. And if you ever go to to friends you you can see actually how they do it. So it's um, they take the sea water and they allow this you are to go into in into fields that are that they have like elevated sites, right and then every every day they allow the water to go into a lower field and a lower field eventually as the water evaporate through this with the sun. Then the the salt will fall from crystals and then and then and this crepe of those crystals. Of the surface and they put it in jars. And and that's how you can you just buy it. You can find it in the US, you know, and it's it's just wonderful when you smell when you smell the salt you can smell the sea, you know. That you would call Florida cell or the gray salt anything that you're gonna find in, you know, the flaky graceful or fresh salt from France that's gonna be like this. So absolutely Florida Services. It's a good one. Yeah, and it's really untouched pretty much by humans other than just scraping it off the beach and and it makes a great salt for for Savory and dessert. Yep, I typically use this as a or at least a gray salt or flutiselle is a finishing salt when I finished dishes so that you have the Crunch and you taste the sea typically on fish dishes. Yes.


Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel