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Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel - Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

This event was on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer has crafted new seasonal fall-inspired desserts and cakes made from core Rouxbe pastry courses fundamentals and techniques.

These brand new recipes include a … Read More.



What exciting things are going on in the south of France?

— Aruna Durbin


I'm renovating an Old Farm a rebuilding Brad baking oven. So new photos or videos will come eventually and then I'm just planting many fruit trees. I'm learning again how to grow fruit and vegetables. I'm building an organic garden. A planning to have chickens and maybe goats and so it's it's just really it sounds like old-fashioned but it's going back to basics and every day. I just walk around the piece of land I have and you know right now it's mushroom mushroom. Season here and so I find mushrooms and I just ask people on can I eat this can and eat this you know, and and then it's just great because the the people here are very welcoming and they said hey, you know, I'll take you we'll go we'll go mushroom hunting and and so on so I'm just kind of like we rediscovering my homeland. I'm not from the south of friends. I'm from the other region. It's also called them the promised land and friends, you know, you want to know but the south of France is very it's very lovely and it's nice to see that you can you grow things longer than in Chicago or then in in the northern part of friends. So it's really enjoying that Nice. So we we put your Instagram handle here and the the event by the questions if you want to check out what he's doing one of the cool things. He just mentioned was his bread oven. It's like a bread house. I can't I can't come visit. It's a communion. I didn't invite you. Just kidding. It is an oven that was a communal oven for the village has only 252 people and and so that oven was the oven used by the whole village and people would bring in the 1800. They would bring items to be baked and then large loaves of bread and so on so I I am Going to renovate it. And then and then after that the sky is the limit, right?


Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel