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Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel - Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

This event was on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer has crafted new seasonal fall-inspired desserts and cakes made from core Rouxbe pastry courses fundamentals and techniques.

These brand new recipes include a … Read More.



Why would you scale (weigh) for a recipe instead of using cups or teaspoons?


When you scale a recipe to the gram, you will have exactly the right weight of each ingredient and it might just might not. Seem so important but in pastry it is crucial absolutely crucial every single Chef who works in a bakery is weighing every single ingredient on a daily basis. That's the only way you can you can provide consistency in your product. If you use cups I counted once if you have a set of cups and a set of teaspoons, you have 11 pieces of equipment which you know, one of them is gonna get lost and one or two and then you have products. Let's say flower, they fluctuate the volume fluctuates with The humidity in the air, you know, if it gets if it's drier the flower will be lighter if it's a more humid, wherever you live when I lived in Chicago in the summer, it was 100% humidity and in the winter was 15% humidity. So the flour would change a lot and if you measure with a cup that cup will be more or less full right and if a recipe asks for 10 cups of flour. you might make 10 mistakes just killing the flour after that you have everything and then another thing is Scaling a liquid, you know, we scale eggs. We don't scale eggs by one egg two egg a medium egg large egg a small egg. Nobody really, you know can can work like this on a daily basis. So what we do, we just crack a bunch of eggs. We're whisk them and then we pay them. Yeah, and then this way if a recipe asks for 50 grams of eggs, you just wait 50 grams of eggs. You don't have to worry if my egg is my egg too big too small to medium. They saw that so it's all about consistency and and and at the end it's just great because if you have a good recipe and you follow it, you follow the the scaling and instruction you can make that recipe a hundred times and it will work out a hundred times perfectly.
Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel