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Pull Up A Chair: Food and Gender

Eryne Zerihun & Jamila Robinson - Pull Up A Chair: Food and Gender

This event was on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join us for a conversation about Food, Power, and Gender to commemorate Women’s History Month with Jamila Robinson, Food Media Editor for Philadelphia Inquirer and Chef Eryne Zerihun… Read More.



I teach high school culinary arts and am finding it difficult to motivate students to think of the food-service industry as a viable career option. What advice can you give me to encourage my students?

— Fawndena Williamson


Yeah, I would encourage them. I I and I'm sure you're doing this but like to write recipes and to shape them into tiktoks and to shape them into and and then encourage them to pitch wherever their local media is for food stories or to eater or whatever their local media Outlet is in it can even be television have them think about having a cooking segment and knowing understanding the basics of culinary skill is like understanding the basics of Journalism. It's very very similar and like thinking about you know, what is the story that they want to tell and it will open a lot of doors because that's something that they can really build upon whether they can, you know, become a you know, tiktok influence our you know, travel other things that they might like, I like to tap into other things that they might be motivated by and then bringing food into it. Really? I feel the exact same way especially in an age where social media is the prime. This is literally how you see food. I feel that getting your students on board with social media is what's really gonna take them to the next level and also them understanding that they have options. They don't have to just be in the kitchen as a line cook working six sometimes seven days a week, you know, they can go in a journalism. They can be a personality on social media, you know, they can be in restaurants or they can pretty much do anything. We're in a space now where there's so many opportunities and so many people have created doors in their own Lanes within an industry that is completely different from a restaurant. They if it's not if it hasn't been created this is the time to create and so for any students out there who are feeling like they're stuck or this is all they know or from what they see on TV. Just know that you have Options and if it's not there you absolutely have a powder to create those options to do whatever it is that you want to do within the industry. Yeah, you can I mean there I mean they're just so many things like, you know, testing recipes and styling, you know, working in magazines and test kitchens. I mean and even like I you know, I always like the people to ask people. Who do you want to cook for like, you know, who's your dream person to cook for and and if it's a sports figure or something like that, then there's like a pathway through, you know, being a personal chef or like, you know, a lot of people are like there's so many personalities like celebrities who are invested in restaurants and invested in Wineries and whatnot that there's a pathway it's like to me it's like understanding what it is that is motivating them and then making food center.
Eryne Zerihun & Jamila Robinson

Eryne Zerihun & Jamila Robinson