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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What are some specific examples of food related jobs for those who do not aspire to be a chef, nutritionist or work in a restaurant? How do you access those networks if you are a member of a marginalized community?

— Phoenix Sunshine


So specifics in terms of jobs. I mean the food world is as big as it gets it is as complex as it gets. So the number of different iterations of jobs in the food world are incredible you can end up Running a line production at Campbell company. Yeah, making tomato soup. Somebody's got to make that right you could be working in, you know, one of those box delivery meal kit companies where the kitchens are really sort of setting people up for success in their own home kitchens. Like that sounds fun. Right be a food stylist the food photographer. You could be a brewer make beer make wine Etc a journalist. I mean literally anything you can think of to Think about or do with food is is a job there. But you know specifically some of the things that I really have seen that people have enjoyed or jobs that I've worked with people in those positions that I thought would be nice food stylist or prop stylist at a magazine a test cook at a magazine or a website. So you're still in the kitchen cooking every day, but you're just not with that. Well, yeah better hours probably too but not with that rush in the heady the needs all the needs of the restaurant world Etc. How do you access these networks though? As a member of marginalized Community? I would say one of the greatest resources that I've seen is the James Beard Foundation. They do a lot of work and have tentacles into many many aspects of the food world. And they also do a lot of work around really bringing diversity into the kitchen bringing diversity into the food space whether that's in food media, whether it's in restaurant kitchens itself, so those networks are very very powerful people are very very interested in lifting up others and they're very they're very vocal. They're very active other ones would be the iacp the International Association of culinary professionals. This is a great organization that really focuses on people outside necessarily of the restaurant industry. A lot of it is food media food stylist food photographers videographers Etc. So it is a place sort of a digital Forum with meetings as well that offers opportunity for people in those non-restaurant spaces to convene. So iacp the James Beard Foundation or two and then women chefs and restaurant tours is another great organization. That is a little bit more focused on. Restaurants and in restaurants chefs, but those networks are deep. And the the all three of those organizations are specifically built in order to help people within the community gain access to networks and to bring all that you can to this wonderful industry. So thank you Phoenix for wanting to bring yourself and your talents to all of us to do this industry to feed other people. It's really awesome and we need All of the voices we can have so thank you for joining yours to the closet. Appreciate you.


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Barton Seaver

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