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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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I will be going with the family to NH and Maine next week. Can you recommend any spots for different seafood experiences (doesn’t have to be fancy)! ?

— Omar Edriss


So I'm assuming you're going to stay in Southern Man. So I'm gonna go from like wiscass it down to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So Portsmouth New Hampshire row 34 is a restaurant by my dear dear friend Jeremy Sewell. It is absolutely fantastic. He's got another Outpost of that down in Boston as well as well as Burlington Mass, but we're 34 in downtown Portsmouth is is just wonderful. They do everything perfectly the best oyster program anywhere on the East Coast. I think you can't go wrong. Getting up into Maine. Let's see. I don't really know a whole lot sap of us. Other than the Clam Shack in Kennebunk, which is the very best Clam Shack in the country run by my dear friend Steve Kingston. I just saw him late last week and it's nice to reconnect with them. But what do they do? They do lobster rolls and they do fried clams. And that's it my French fries and coleslaw I think too but like you just it is perfect. There's very rare in food when I say something is perfect. Steve Kingston's the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. Maine is perfect. In Portland, I really love a place called Gilbert's Chowder House. It is kind of a greasy spoon Seafood Diner kind of concept where you know, you look in the back and it's just like the same cook that's been working there for 35 years is still there and just like slinging fried seafood really really great fried big beautiful meaty scallops big place of thick cut french fries. They're coleslaw is really good. They do a great job with local muscles that they're bringing in just steamed white wine. Marinara. They got outdoor seating. Yeah, you can get a lobster dinner. You can get all that stuff too. But it's it's really kind of where locals go to eat. It's where I send people most of the time for just an easy, you know, get a great cold great cold beer for me and a nice played a good fried seafood. They do some other stuff as well. But Gilbert's upscale. I would say scales restaurant, which is actually just a few. Doors Down from Gilbert Stratos. So scales is probably the quintessential high-end seafood restaurant even tide Oyster Bar is sort of the quintessential modern Oyster Bar. They do a really great job. They've got some really interesting topic toppings for their oyster program. Whether it's a Tabasco granita or other different shaved Icees flavored ices as toppings for the oysters. They do some really interesting. Well lobster rolls as well including one like a brown butter lobster roll that's served on a steamed bun. Hard to get into they want to James Beard award never since then the the duck boat tours stop in front and drop off people. There's usually a couple hour waiting list, but it's worth it to get on the waiting list and go walk around Portland and then come back to it. So and then heading north in, Wisconsin. There's a place called. Reds eats which has a long line but it is the quintessential place to get a lobster roll. They don't measure the amount of lobster. They put into it. They just dial it on until not a single piece of lobster more could fit on top of this lobster roll. It's expensive. It's also two meals. I mean seriously my wife and I can barely finish one lobster roll together and everything else they do is good friendly people and you get to stand in the sunshine of Maine own literally on the water and wait for your Lobster. So a couple great locations where you also check out Harbor Fish, which is a seafood market here in Portland, Maine. They've got a wasters that you can take and check there. They got smoked Seafoods that you can take just for a little snack and you know Etc and prepared stuff, but it's also just the best fish market that I as a civilian have ever had access to and it's just fun to go in there and it's got soul. It's got spirit. It's got the best fish. Fun place check it out. All right, Omar. Thanks


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