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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What was the seafood dish that made you want to specialize in Seafood?

— Arden Gilliam


You know when I was a kid, let's see. I'll be right back. Actually, I have the picture that's right over here. here Now maybe I lost it. there is there you go. That's me. 1981 a year and a half old two years old. Not just over two years old with a whole bushel of blue crabs. Yep. That's that's what got me into it. So I was born and raised in Washington DC and here's another picture of me as a kid. Kids are awesome. Anyway born and raised in Washington DC and we had access to the the great Seafood of the Chesapeake Bay down there and I just remembered as a kid like someone my greatest memories were of any time that we got to get out of the city, which was pretty rare but times we got to go down to the just beak or go down to the Main Avenue Seafood Market, which is on Main Avenue in Washington DC the oldest continuing continuously operating seafood market in America. And they would just have these barges there that floated on the Potomac River and did they just be stacked with seafood? It was just such a cultural experience to go down there. That's where this picture was taken and probably Captain whites down there gonna give you DC folks know that but Yeah, as blue crabs and just sitting around a big mess of crabs and learning how to pick them and understanding that some meals just take four hours. It was really would cost me to fall in love with seafood, but Aside from that really it's not so much one dish as it is just the diversity of taste textures colors seasonalities flavors stories narratives histories that's represented by Seafood, you know chicken. Okay white or dark salmon well, do you want King Salmon key to salmon pink salmon coho salmon sockeye salmon Atlantic salmon, our guitar steelhead trout like Yeah. Well, I mean that's just salmon, right? That's cool. You want same colors? You won't say material. I mean same skin. There's just so much there and that's just salmon think about the literally thousands of other species that are out there that each bring with them. all of their own uniquenesses and you know just the joy of working with them and it's that diversity that I really so admire and appreciate About Seafood that caused me to dedicate my career to all right. Thank you. I hope I appreciate the question and I hope that you find the dish or the ingredient category or just the cuisine that you want to dedicate yourself to and I hope you just you see it through so thanks for joining us appreciates for being part of family.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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