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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Do you have any suggestions for a pot and pan set?

— Victoria Wright


Everyone claims to have the best brand and it gets very overwhelming when trying to figure out. What is good quality. Thanks. Yeah. Hmm. so yeah that gets confusing and there's a lot there's a lot to that Victoria also. I mean that's from Aesthetics to use to what kind of Cuisine you're doing. You know how many people you're cooking for? You know if you're cooking at home Etc. Let me tell you. I have again just sort of back to the plates like I have. So many pots and pans in my in my life because I've I've written and styled and prop style eight cookbooks and I have way too much and I know that but let me point out the things that I use. in terms of a set I think the thing is that I would do not do without. There you go. All right. So I recognize that this is four different brands of product here. So that really won't help you in terms of the set. But these types of pans the saucepans that is the type of thing. You are gonna buy in a set and get And he probably get a small fry pan as well in there. So with this. Really? What fits your aesthetic? I mean, what do you want to look at and take care of and think about when you're washing your dishes every night. And you know, what's your budget also? So I saved up my Christmas presents for three years. I didn't get any Christmas present so I could buy myself this set of copper pans. Because I just really really loved them. I love the patina of them. I love the way they look I love the weight of them. I love the history of them the craft of them. And I spent basically a mortgage payment on these pants and I got a whole set of them and they sit up there in my kitchen and they're just absolutely beautiful. I am very fortunate Lucky in life to be able to afford such a thing. But what you need is two saucepans of different sizes vegetables cooking rice, etc, etc. One 10 inch tape pan is really what I recommend. This is the one that I use the most again. This is a nice. This is a copper one. This is my mobile brand. This I think like the three piece set or maybe even a four or five piece set because you're probably get Lids on these. A brand that I would recommend that is out in the world. It's not sold necessarily retail, but you can find it online is fight a craft v i t a craft Vita craft. They're made in the US they're five-ply induction stainless steel so you can use them on any kind of stove and I find that this is probably just the best of The commercial slash sort of home cook cookware that I've ever used. I mean it Heats beautifully. It responds beautifully. It cleans easily the grommets and stuff that are on the side that keep the handles on are actually attached. So the handle stay attached. There are some Brands out there that are sold by national kitchen retailers that I find that that doesn't always happen with name names, but the fighter craft so looking at saute pan. Two sized pots Etc from photographed and I know they make all of those sizes. I have some of them out in the prop closet they use for catering and stuff. That's what I would recommend. I also recommend having some heavy cookware whether this is a Lodge cast iron, which is $40 or this which is one of my wedding gifts, which is 200 dollars. This is a link per se pot. I've also been using this for 13 years and it's the most used pot in my kitchen mostly. and I'm gonna hand it down to my kids one day so you know when you talk about price, there's also the fact that I'm never going to replace any of these so I do save money on the quality there, but One big cast iron or liques or cookware like that 10 inch saute pan. Smaller saute pan, in addition if you'd like definitely these two and then one large pot for stews sauces stocks Etc just makes it convenient. And then yeah that's enough information. I'm giving me a lot there, but I can go on and I'm just gonna start getting esoteric about Different pots in my kitchen. So let me just put these away. So thanks for your question. I appreciate that. But also what I appreciate is the fact Victoria that You are in the fun position of stocking a kitchen if you're asking questions about this. So I hope that this is the result of some just like awesome life thing and yeah, like a new apartment or house or something just like a new chapter in your life and you're ready to do something or upgrade or whatever or just like step out on your own for the first time. Whatever you're doing. I think it's awesome. Thanks for making cooking a part of it. That's really cool.
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Barton Seaver

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