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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Chef Barton Seaver in his virtual office as he welcomes all of your questions. This event was created for you and we encourage you to ask anything – from cooking techniques to c… Read More.



What are the ranks in culinary art? Do you think one can work independently as a chef in a private home after taking these programs from Rouxbe?

— Mwamba Esin


Certainly. Yes, you can. I mean you can certainly this these courses will give you the background and training to be proficient enough to work in a private home as a private chef. You know, there's a lot of experience that you can gain from restaurants and for private chefs. I often actually recommend that you create some relationships with restaurants. That you go work in once a month or something Etc. Just to keep your skills going because once you get isolated into your own home kitchen and you don't have the inputs of new dishes or new creativity and new Cuisines just different ideas from other line Cooks Etc. It's not that you go backwards, but you know the pace of learning can can slow down unless you're really really challenging and pushing yourself. So certainly after prokerson, you can certainly become a great private chef at home. What are the ranks in culinary arts. I mean, there's not really a rank so much as there are earned positions which I guess could be called a rank but I mean as aside from the American culinary Federation which has a apprenticeship program where you know certified line cook means you've done these things and have these skill sets the certified sushi chef means you have these skill sets the certified executive chef means you have these skill sets and it requires you to work up the line. Our program is ACF certification. So it does help you if you ever wanted to join the American culinary Federation, which is a great great network of chefs peer-to-peer learning great amount of resources. I was just at their National Convention last week out in Las Vegas and awesome to see so many friends and just let an incredible group of people that are all there to help each other. so recommend that group so there you go. Hey, I appreciate you. Thanks.


Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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