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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Do you think a Vitamix is worth it, or do you recommend any other blenders? Also, do you have a favorite brand of food processors?

— Katrina Billard


Good questions. Do I think a Vitamix is worth it? In a restaurant. Absolutely. I was given a Vitamix. in 2004 when I was named a rising star Chef by and that program is sponsored by Vitamix and sort of our trophy was that I got a Vitamix. That I am still using. That I opened seven restaurants with that Vitamix it traveled around with me. That thing is a beast. Oh my Lord, is it a good machine? Like it's just it just works. It does exactly what you want it to do. So I do very holy recommend the Vitamix brand. Do you need that as a home cook? Certainly, it will it'll be great in your home kitchen. It's what I use but I also have a small little ninja. Which is hundreds of dollars cheaper, it has three different sized canisters in one that I use for grinding up garlic and shallots or something to make a paste and then two slightly larger ones in one into a canister. It's not nearly as high powered. I mean, let's be honest, they Vitamix and an Evan rude outboard motor. Are about the same thing like you could put a Vitamix off the back of a boat and actually get somewhere, okay. The ninja isn't nearly as powerful, but honestly, it's I kind of reach for it just as much because it has the smaller size containers as does Vitamix. Now they do have a smaller. Chamber that I think is great, especially for making smoothies and stuff. But do you need both certainly not but a ninja also does kind of do the work of a food processor, too. And in that way, I think it might be the more versatile of the of those. My product food processor is my food processor Was made in 1963 I believe. Yeah. This is this is a 50 year old piece of equipment that I'm still using because my grandmother gave this to me. It is dirty. It is old. I have replaced the canister once I've replaced the blades once but it's my grandmother's. Food process or how cool is that? I'm still using it looks got the same, you know, just two prong plug like this thing is great. So a robocoo KitchenAid, whatever I think they're they're great. This is probably the least used of the equipment that I have from the Vitamix to the the ninja to the the roboco. I would probably maybe just And I don't know you know what you're gonna you're gonna cook. You know, what you're you're going to use them for. I really only use this if I'm making emulsions like Seafood mussoline sausages Etc things like that. Really? I don't use it all that often like the the grinding area attachments or the shredder attachment that it has like, you know what I'm not shredding that much anything that I can't just do it on a box grater and so I think I might be trying to talk you out of the the food processor that I'm not like I'm very happy that I have this. I just don't reach for it very often part of that is just Also might just be what I cook which is seafood and fresh vegetables. So I don't really have a whole lot of use for this just in the cuisine that I prefer to eat. So if the things that you are making and like the dishes that you can see yourself doing in a kitchen and you see yourself needing this more than I do. Take that into account. So cool. Great question though. And again just as with Victoria awesome good for you for being in a phase where you're looking to you know upgrade and bring all that. Firepowering to into your kitchen. That's awesome stuff. So I hope you enjoy. Cheers.


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Barton Seaver

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