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Spice It Up for Valentines Day

Barton Seaver - Spice It Up for Valentines Day

This event was on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Keep it Spicy!

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I bought a package of 13-bean soup mix. When I soaked the beans, they started opening up and basically falling apart and were wrinkly. Is this a sign that the beans are not good to eat? Why did they fall apart?

— Peggy Lucchesi


Because they were old plain and simple, there it is those 13 being packages things like that basically beans bought in a store you're You're sort of playing with last year's crop to start with rarely have I bought a bag of beans at the grocery store. Like wow. These are really good these really good. Yeah, they fall apart. You know, I don't the 13 bean soups are always kind of a bit of a Gamble in that you have thing you have 13 different things that cook in 13 different rates. Some of them might be similar. But there are 13 different products that you're going to cook all at once the same way, right? So, of course you're going to have some differences there plus some of them like lentils are meant to break down. So they add some body and texture to the dish are they bad to eat? No, they're they're still perfectly fine and healthful and and good are they as delicious as they could be? No, or they is sort of have as much product Integrity as they could have. No. Are they worth eating still? Yeah. Sure until aha. I turn you on to Rancho. Gordo beans. I grow a lot of beans here. They're particularly good with garlic. Just I live on a garlic Farm. I'm I'm a garlic farmer, so I can't say no they owe and so I grow a lot of beans as well just to nutrify my soils provide green manure. So I have 14 different kinds of beans that I'm planting this year. A lot of them are heirloom Native American themes. But I mix them all together. Mostly. These are the very last of my crop from last year. So. I've got all these delicious things from tepieri Beans to Nana agonists beans to all sorts of different. And yeah, I got good stuff in here. So I mix them together. That's not the problem. But why I got on to this is to say these are fresh beans when I soak these these beans still think that they are a viable plant, you know, or that they are going to send up a viable plant their integrity is still there. So when you soak them as you would before you put them into the ground that beans like oh man. Beanstalk coming up right But you let that be in sit around for two years. in a package like those 13 being packages that are kind of flimsy and they get all bruised and beat up and battered and exposed to air and just dried out who knows what humidity they were stored in ETC, you know, those beans are just kind of like well Right there. They're no longer vibrant. So yes beans are actually kind of a seasonal crop. So that's why they fell apart. That's why you had some difficulty in cooking them. I'm sure it was still tasty, but I would recommend that unless you're going to Follow my life motto, which is why do anything? If you can just overdo everything instead. So unless you're going to follow my motto and just grow 14 types of beans along with 2,000 heads of garlic. Rancho Gordo beans is a far Mountain, California as well. They might have some other contract locations, but they grow beans they sell them that season and they are the very best beans that you can buy anywhere. They're online. Are they expensive? They're more expensive than the 99 cent bag of Goya beans. Yes. But they are worth it. They taste like everything there's so wonderful. You will even you're like, oh my God beads are delicious. This is incredible. It will revolutionize the way you think about beans the same way if you probably really good bag of polenta that was just milled from a really cared for heirloom variety of corn. It is an epiphany Rancho Gordo beans available online.
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Barton Seaver

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