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Spice It Up for Valentines Day

Barton Seaver - Spice It Up for Valentines Day

This event was on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Keep it Spicy!

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I am experimenting with some new spices and read about Seeds of Paradise. I ordered some to try. Any suggestions on use?

— Mitch Miglis


I've not really used them very much. I don't I know that they have sort of a It's not a sweetish taste to them. But let's see. Do I have that still up now? I don't. How would I use them? I would use them put them along with some fennel seeds and some black pepper grind them up together put them in a little mortar and pestle write them up together and use that as a little pepper blend. I bet you'd I bet you'd find that pretty interesting. I if I remember correctly Grant's Paradise are as well like in The Parsley family as our Dill fennel. So I think you're gonna have some find some analog if you use them in the same way that you use dill seeds or fennel seeds caraway seeds. I think you'll find some analog there. I know that Green's Paradise. Are essential to bear bear spice the the wonderful? East African spices coming out of Eritrea Ethiopia So they mix well with Green's Paradise mix really well with chili pepper as well to kind of perk up some of that as well as I know they have a lemony sort of citrusy flavor and they're almost so think to kind of pair them along that line. Like what goes well, it's Citrus it's gonna pair well there so, That's my guidelines for you. But have I ever really used them to any extent? No, so but I drink them in Allagash beer. I think they have grains of paradise or Blue Moon beer has grains of Paradise in it, which I've always found.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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