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Spice It Up for Valentines Day

Barton Seaver - Spice It Up for Valentines Day

This event was on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Keep it Spicy!

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When should you use powders versus spices?

— Jodi Gruhn


So I guess what you mean there is is You know entirely ground up versus whole spices. So let's think about peppercorns. Right or allspice berries or what else do we have cloves? Clothes is a good one. No one wants to eat a whole clove. right No one I've met or ever cooked for wants to eat a whole clove, right? It would it's a piece of wood. It is literally a part of the branch of the tree. Of the Bush there, so it would be really distracting and really kind of annoying to have cloves whole cloves in a dish a whole allspice Berry. Is that big right? I mean that's my Iris there my pupil you wouldn't want to serve somebody that I mean. You can leave them whole if you're maybe steaming some rice with it as as a traditional Indian food where you have a whole cardamom pod that is steamed in with the rice. I don't recommend eating that. Right. It's just way too potent. Maybe some people might very much enjoy it and actually look for that but really the difference there between whole and ground is what is the texture going to be? In a if you're making a chicken stock. Throw an old spices it's fine. You don't need to use their whole spices maintain their freshness and integrity a little bit longer. Why well, they just have left surface area as soon as you grind something polarize it right you've exposed the entirety of it to air as opposed to the whole Berry. So you're gonna get a brighter freshener flavor out of this.
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Barton Seaver

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