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Spice It Up for Valentines Day

Barton Seaver - Spice It Up for Valentines Day

This event was on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Are there any techniques to grill delicate whole fish without it falling apart? Also, what other ways would you cook a delicate whole fish if you were cooking outside?

— Marco Chavez


So one really good way to do. This is a Don't move the fish. Okay. So if you're grilling there's something called indirect grilling. So here's your grill. Right? I've got a Weber kettle Grill. I put all my fire over here. And when I put the fish down, I put it down right over the fire. And so I get a nice and hot you get the sear on it. You know, what you don't need is cross hats cross hatch grill marks. Are they pretty? Yes at the expense of feeding your fire instead of your family. Nope. Right. So when you put your fish down right on that very hot spot, you're getting all that caramelization that crusting that Char that beautiful Smoky wrist flavor of all, the juice is dripping down in and flaming back up right why we grill. And then what I do is I pick up the whole grill grate. And I turn it around why because now my heat's over here and my fish is over here, right? And then I put the top on. What have I done? I've created an oven. Basically. I've captured that flavorful heat. You still getting that Grill flavor, right? But now I've captured it and now it's cooking slowly low. You have a lot of control over how much to cook it as well. When you go to take it off the grill. That is the first time that you are touching it before you remove it from the grill, right? There you go. Put it on take it off. Why because you've created an ambient environment in which the heat is circling over it cooking it from the top but not necessarily so much from the bottom or it's cooking it evenly so indirect grilling method start hot. Don't move the fish move the whole grill grate. Right and guess what else you have? empty grill grate on which to grill your broccoli or your asparagus or whatever else so Another tip is whenever you put something on a grill have a plan to get it off. so if you've got this long thin piece of flounder And you're gonna put it on the grill grate and the grill grates are going in this direction, right? And you put that flounder across them. You've got a literally Pick and Pull under every single grill grate to get it off. If you're flounders here and your grill grates are here great put them on like that. So guess what you put spatula under here and you're off. There you go. Right anytime you put something on the grill already have a plan of how to take it off the grill. Pretty basic. There you go. Another thing I'd recommend fennel fronds or Banana Leaf something like that fennel fronds put them underneath. You're still gonna get that Grill flavor. You're not gonna get the real Char, but you're gonna get some smokiness coming out of those fennel fronds. It's gonna protect the whole thing. You pick up the fronds the fish goes with it.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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