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Spice It Up for Valentines Day

Barton Seaver - Spice It Up for Valentines Day

This event was on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Keep it Spicy!

Join renowned chef and author Barton Seaver for a Valentine’s Day event like no other. In this live, virtual event, Chef Seaver will take you on a culinary journey… Read More.



I’m curious…what are your observations about regional differences in the application of spices in recipes?

— Kris Erickson


The regional variations in spice Blends are really what migration patterns happened. You know, is there is there a large African American population? Is there a Cajun Acadian population or dedications and Canadians come down through there on their migration towards the South did the Great Migration North happened with the African American influences and diaspora coming up toward Chicago Etc. Really? You know, that's what I see more than anything else is in food. We Trace our history in food. We find the pathways that led us to today. You know, are you in a Lutheran town in you know in in Minnesota? Well, you're spice use is gonna be pretty limited there to just that sort of cultural inputs. You have a lot of caraway seeds and some juniper berries and stuff like that some onion powder garlic, but you're not gonna have grains of paradise. So you're not gonna have, you know gumbo Fela or whatever else it is. So really I think as you're going along here something very interesting to note is You know how things have food manifests itself and maybe the best way to see that is if you're going through the Midwest and Western Southern States, there is to think about eat their Chili's. I've always found that like beef chili is like that is The go-to Telltale way to understand sort of a local food culture and there's some weird ones out there Chili's made with ketchup. Chili's made with tomatoes chilies with beans people that'll you know, determine that you they think you're going to the underworld after in the afterlife for putting beans and utility. Who knows. But anyway, it's all fun.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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