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Chef Chad Sarno - Plant-Based Wellness

About this Event

How did we get to this current state of health? With the overwhelming evidence and a clear connection between plant-based food and health, chefs and healthcare professionals have come to a pivotal crossroads with food and health education: What is our responsibility when it comes to food and how can we be part of the solution?

Chad Sarno, plant-based chef and educator, and Rouxbe's VP of Culinary Wellness discussed why it is important to infuse culinary education into the global health conversation and help shed light on the key role we all can play when it comes to health and food.

About Chef Chad Sarno

Plant-Based Wellness

Chad Sarno is co-founder of Wicked Healthy and VP of Culinary at Good Catch Foods. Chad also is the plant-based ambassador for Rouxbe, the world’s largest online cooking school, where he has launched multiple courses including the Professional Plant-Based Certification course. He spent several years at Whole Foods Market as Senior Culinary Educator, and media spokesperson for the Global Healthy Eating program.

Prior to this, Chad launched a line of boutique restaurants throughout Europe, in Istanbul, Munich and London. Through the intersection of culinary innovation and healthy eating Chad continues to share his passion as a speaker, activist and RnD chef at events and with projects globally.

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Wednesday, July 2nd

4:00 pm Pacific, 7:00 pm Eastern

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