Grains & Legumes

Grains & Legumes

Course Description

Rice too mushy? Lentils too tough? Quinoa too bitter? This course will turn on your cooking brain and help you understand how to make wholesome grain based dishes that are fluffy, healthful and delicious!

Grains and legumes are the staple of many cultures around the world, and have been for centuries. If you are going to incorporate them in to your diet, best that you know how to make them taste delicious, every time. This course will help lay a foundation for how to cook many popular grains. It will take a deep look at many varieties of rice and how it can be prepared by methods such as steaming, making a pilaf and risotto. Once you learn these methods, we will show you how to use them in a variety of delicious ways.

This course will then discuss how to properly cook various grains and the techniques behind preparing legumes. You will be be able to practice your skills by preparing tasty and healthful recipes.

This course can be taken on demand, at your own pace. Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the course content and instructor support.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of making perfect rice
  • Undertstand how to make a pilaf and how to enhance pilaf dishes
  • Learn the risotto method and how to vary the flavors and dishes
  • Learn the basic elements of cooking a variety of grains
  • Understand how to make polenta
  • Learn about legumes and how to prepare and store them

Course Syllabus

Grains & Legumes

This course introduces you to a variety of grains such as rice, polenta and other whole grains and shows you how to cook them perfectly, without fail. Basic rice making, plus a variety of rice variations such as risotto and pilafs are discussed, as well as the food safety issues surrounding grains. Finally, you will learn how to prepare legumes to add protein and flavor to your grain and vegetable dishes.

  • Course Orientation
  • Task 1: Welcome to The Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Task 2: Course Orientation & Objectives
  • Task 3: Complete Your Course Self Assessment
  • Task 4: Rouxbe Pre-Assessment

Rice Basics

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of cooking rice.

  • Rice Basics
  • Task 5: Rice Basics
  • Task 6: Shopping Activity
  • Task 7: Practice Quiz

Cooking Rice | Steaming & Boiling Methods

In this lesson, you will learn to make plain and infused white rice, along with brown rice with a flavorful stock.

  • Cooking Rice | Steaming & Boiling Methods
  • Task 8: Cooking Rice
  • Task 9: Make Steamed Rice | Plain
  • Task 10: Make Steamed Rice | Infused
  • Task 11: Make Brown Rice Using a Flavorful Stock
  • Task 12: Troubleshooting Cooked Rice
  • Task 13: Practice Quiz

Cooking Rice | Pilaf Method

In this lesson, you will apply the pilaf method to cooking rice.

  • Cooking Rice | Pilaf Method
  • Task 14: Cooking Rice | Pilaf Method
  • Task 15: Make Rice Pilaf
  • Task 16: Varying & Enhancing a Basic Pilaf
  • Task 17: Practice Quiz

The Risotto Method

This lesson introduces you to the technique of risotto making.

  • The Risotto Method
  • Task 18: The Risotto Method
  • Task 19: Edible Exercise
  • Task 20: Lesson Practice Recipes
  • Task 21: Practice Quiz

How to Vary Risotto

This lesson builds on the last as it shows you how to vary your risotto dishes.

  • How to Vary Risotto
  • Task 22: How to Vary Risotto
  • Task 23: Lesson Practice Recipes
  • Task 24: Mid-term Quiz

How to Cook Grains

In this lesson, you will learn how to shop for and cook whole grains.

  • How to Cook Grains
  • Task 25: How to Cook Grains
  • Task 26: Shopping Activity
  • Task 27: Cooking Grains Activity
  • Task 28: Lesson Practice Recipes
  • Task 29: Practice Quiz

How to Make Polenta

You will learn the skill of making delicious polenta in this lesson.

  • How to Make Polenta
  • Task 30: How to Make Polenta
  • Task 31: Lesson Practice Recipes
  • Task 32: Practice Quiz

How to Cook Dried Legumes

In this lesson you will begin to understand how to buy, store, soak, and prepare dried legumes.

  • How to Cook Dried Legumes
  • Task 33: How to Cook Dried Legumes
  • Task 34: Italian White Bean Soup
  • Task 35: Chana Masala | Curried Chickpeas
  • Task 36: Vegetable Tagine
  • Task 37: Lesson Practice Recipes
  • Task 38: Practice Quiz
  • Course Review
  • Task 39: Make This Delicious Pilaf with Lentils
  • Task 40: Course Review & Exam Preparation
  • Task 41: Final Course Assessment Quiz



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