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Blue Zones Sample Lesson
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Lesson Overview

This introductory online cooking lesson gives an example of what the Blue Zones Cooking Course looks like for people interested in taking the entire course. It focuses on the Latin American cooking Lesson along with an introduction from Dan Buettner video feature which is used through the entire …

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Course Syllabus

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1. Welcome from Dan Buettner
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2. What are Blue Zones?
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3. Exploring Latin American Cooking
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4. Latin American Culinary Traditions
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5. Latin American Recipes
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6. Join Us on the Journey
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Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.
5 Videos | 6 Tasks
Task 1: Welcome from Dan Buettner
Task 2: What are Blue Zones?
Task 3: Exploring Latin American Cooking
Task 4: Latin American Culinary Traditions
Task 5: Latin American Recipes
Task 6: Join Us on the Journey

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