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Lesson Overview

For many cultures, cooking rice is a sacred and daily ritual. And when it comes to cooking rice, everyone has their own personal preference.

There are generally four different methods for cooking rice: steaming, boiling, pilaf and risotto, all of which produce very different results.


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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • understand why rice (or grains) is sometimes rinsed and/or soaked
  • understand why different types of rice need different ratios of liquid in order to cook
  • know how to steam rice (or grains)
  • explain the various steaming methods
  • know how to boil rice (or grains) using the pasta method
  • explain why rice (or grains) should rest before serving
  • understand how to enhance and flavor rice (or grains)

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: Cooking Rice
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment
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3. Rinsing & Soaking Rice
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4. Ratios of Liquid to Rice
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5. Steaming Method for Cooking Rice
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6. Resting & Serving Rice
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7. Alternative Ways to Steam Rice
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8. Boiling (Pasta) Method for Cooking Rice
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9. How to Flavor Rice
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10. Practice Activities & Recipes
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11. Lesson Quiz
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Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

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14 Videos | 11 Tasks
Task 1: Introduction: Cooking Rice
Task 2: Complete Your Self Assessment
Task 3: Rinsing & Soaking Rice
Task 4: Ratios of Liquid to Rice
Task 5: Steaming Method for Cooking Rice
Task 6: Resting & Serving Rice
Task 7: Alternative Ways to Steam Rice
Task 8: Boiling (Pasta) Method for Cooking Rice

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