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Lesson Overview

Whole grains are the building blocks of a healthy diet. Not only are they full of vitamins and nutrients, there is plenty of research to support the fact that whole grains help to prevent disease, control weight and aid in digestion.

Many people seem to be at a loss when it comes to adding whole grains to their cooking. Grains are often perceived as being too difficult to cook or that they just take too much time to cook. And, after they are cooked, what does one do with them anyways?

In this lesson, you will learn about the anatomy of whole grains. You will be exposed to some common types of grains and learn how to buy grains and how to store both cooked and uncooked grains.

You will also learn how to prepare grains for cooking and how to cook grains using the four main cooking methods.

Finally, you will learn how to prepare grains in advance and easy ways to incorporate grains into your diet throughout the week. After this lesson, you will have no more excuses for not eating your grains!

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • define what a whole grain is
  • identify the anatomy of a whole grain
  • identify common types of grains
  • buy grains and know how to store both uncooked and cooked grains
  • clean, soak and toast grains
  • cook grains using the boiling, steaming, pilaf or risotto method
  • prepare grains in advance
  • incorporate grains into a variety of meals

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: How to Cook Grains 2 mins
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment 2 mins
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3. The Anatomy of Whole Grains 3 mins
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4. Activity | Label the Wheat Diagram 5 mins
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5. How to Buy & Store Grains 20 mins
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6. Preparing to Cook Grains 2 mins
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7. Cooking Methods for Grains 6 mins
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8. Grains & Food Safety 5 mins
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9. Cooking Grains Activity 45 mins
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10. Tips & Techniques For Grain Cookery 10 mins
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11. Easy Ways to Add Grains to Your Diet 5 mins
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12. Practice Activities & Recipes 45 mins
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13. Lesson Quiz 15 mins
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Finish Line 2 hrs 45 mins Total Time

Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

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