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Lesson Overview

Before refrigeration existed, marinades were relied upon to preserve fish, meats and other foods for long periods of time. The oil prevented oxygen from coming into contact with the food and the acids helped to slow the growth of bacteria. Nowadays, however, marinades are used primarily to add fl…

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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • define marinade
  • list the components of a marinade
  • understand the function of each component in a marinade
  • prepare a marinade from scratch
  • prepare foods for marinating
  • determine the appropriate marinating time for the food you are cooking
  • prepare foods for cooking after they have been marinated
  • know how to handle used or leftover marinades

Course Syllabus

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1. Introduction: How to Marinate Foods
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2. Complete Your Self Assessment
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3. What is a Marinade?
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4. How to Prepare a Marinade
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5. Preparing to Marinate
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6. Determining Marinating Times
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7. Preparing Marinated Foods for Cooking
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8. General Marinating Tips
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9. Lesson Practice Recipes
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10. Lesson Quiz
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Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.

What People Are Saying

"When you put a word in quotes "" it means that the word inside is either false or sarcastic. So saying fish is "cooked" by acids means it is not actually cooked but would act like it is. I got the question wrong cause i understand the proper use of quotes" ★★★★
"Great class on marinate. I see now that I was missing the entire concept behind adding flavor to the product." ★★★★★
"this is litterly hell"
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26 Videos | 10 Tasks
Task 1: Introduction: How to Marinate Foods
Task 2: Complete Your Self Assessment
Task 3: What is a Marinade?
Task 4: How to Prepare a Marinade
Task 5: Preparing to Marinate
Task 6: Determining Marinating Times
Task 7: Preparing Marinated Foods for Cooking
Task 8: General Marinating Tips

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