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Lesson Overview

Here’s your chance to explore a portion of Rouxbe’s partner program Seafood Literacy during the coming days. Seafood Literacy introduces cooks to the foundational techniques and knowledge needed to include more sustainable seafood on the menu.

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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:
  • Understand a chef’s role in the sustainability of seafood
  • Review seafood production methods and sustainable practices
  • Identify and describe a diverse range of seafood types
  • Safely handle and fabricate various forms of seafood
  • Identify and apply best culinary techniques from product to plate

Course Syllabus

START: Watch Lesson Platform Tour
1. Sample Lesson from Seafood Literacy! 5 mins
Not Started
2. Welcome to Seafood Literacy 3 mins
Not Started
3. Complete a Self-Assessment & Pre-Assessment 15 mins
Not Started
4. Sea to Table 7 mins
Not Started
5. Diversity = Sustainability 10 mins
Not Started
6. Reflection Activity 20 mins
Not Started
7. Flaky White Fish: Species & Characteristics 10 mins
Not Started
8. Fabrication of Roundfish 10 mins
Not Started
9. Sauté 8 mins
Not Started
10. Grill 8 mins
Not Started
11. Image Upload Activity | Dry Cooking Technique 45 mins
Not Started
12. Books, Websites & Other References 30 mins
Not Started
Finish Line 2 hrs 51 mins Total Time

Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this lesson.
28 Videos | 12 Tasks
Task 1: Sample Lesson from Seafood Literacy!
Task 2: Welcome to Seafood Literacy
Task 3: Complete a Self-Assessment & Pre-Assessment
Task 4: Sea to Table
Task 5: Diversity = Sustainability
Task 6: Reflection Activity
Task 7: Flaky White Fish: Species & Characteristics
Task 8: Fabrication of Roundfish

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