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How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

Julieanna Hever - How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

This event was on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What supplements if any would you recommend to someone who is looking to kick the sugar habit?

— Jim Peterson


That's a good question. And I've actually heard I've heard that too about glutamine and chromium throughout the years. The problem is that there really is there is no supplement that I It's you just have to do it. It's like the whole you just have to kind of decide it's not. There is nothing that's gonna really make it that much better. You have to go through the process. It's like you have to go through. It's like grief, you know, you have to go through the process to get to the other side of it and you have to cut out the sweeteners and the sugars and change your diet to get the health benefits and to stop craving them. You know, you could try those. I don't I'm actually not up to date on the current literature on safety and efficacy of chromium and glutamine, but you know again, I don't want you can I don't want anyone to think oh and there's also maybe a placebo effect, but I'm not up to date I used I was really into that in graduate school and I could look at that. But really the only way to really kick the habit is to take the foods to the side. That's the only real way around it. It's you have to go through it. Unfortunately. It's not easy when I was a personal trainer for like 10 12 years and I will go to my clients and they just really don't want some of them really just do want to exercise and I wish I could do it for you, but you're not gonna get the benefits if I do it for you. It just has you have to go through the process. There are certain things that you just have to do and you know, it's it's harder for some people. It depends the most important thing and I think the hardest part I should have addressed this earlier, but I'm glad that it's coming up now the number one most important thing when it comes to making a dietary change or any kind of change is your social environment. You're not gonna cure alcohol. Them by hanging out at a bar. You're not going to be able to it's really hard when you go out to dinner with your friends and they're you know, they're eating all this junk food and you know, it's tempting for you and you're saying no so when we put our clients, you know, I work for the lifestyle transformation company called just size and we put our clients through this program. We have you have to change your social situation. Like I said that three those three weeks need to be focused like you need to minimize if not eliminate those social interactions because peer pressure is so powerful. It's so much more powerful than we think. I mean, I'm even even when I make my healthy dinner and I'm sitting here with my kids and they're eating something that's not even unhealthy, you know, like I don't know pasta or They're having I don't know anything that I just don't want to add to my diet. Just having it if like a veggie burger or something. I'm sitting there going. Oh my gosh. I really well. I want it more because it's right in front of me. It's just when it's right in front of you. It's so much harder to say no. So you have to kind of set aside this time and change your social environment at least temporarily until you get to that point where you have you're comfortable to say no and it's not constantly tempting and in your face don't have ice cream in your fridge don't have those things that tempt. You don't have them around get rid of them. Just get rid of them those three weeks when you're really going through this process don't have it around you get rid of all that stuff. Throw it in the garbage. It's better to throw in the garbage don't think I'm gonna go through the food and get rid of it and they'll and then I'll go through this but you just get rid of it. It's worth it. You don't need to put it through your system first just get rid of that stuff that tends you stay away from those social environments that are tempting the parties whatever situation that does it for you. And focus it's you have to go through it.
Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever

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