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How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

Julieanna Hever - How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

This event was on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Fruit vs Dried Fruit? Is dried fruit really that bad for sugar content?

— Patrick Britton


We're taking out the fiber with dried fruit. We're taking out the water. So your processing it down. Nothing wrong with dried fruit except for the ones that most a lot of dried fruits on the market now add sugar and oil so then you're getting an extra boost of sugar and oil and that you don't need but just a regular dehydrated or dried out fruit. Is not unhealthy per se however because the water is taken out. It's going to be more concentrated in calories. So, you know anytime you process anything and I have an article about this project back at you. I think it's called, um how to optimize the whole in your diet because anytime you take anything out so for dried fruit, you're taking out the water you're concentrating the calories you're concentrating. It's easier to eat more of it. It's easier to overeat on fruit additionally interestingly. I know a lot I work with a lot of clients with gastrointestinal issues IBS or IBD or all sorts of different gastrointestinal issues and a lot of people have a hard time with dried fruit because it's more concentrated in those basically more concentrated because you take out the water. So I'd rather people eat whole fruit unless for instance, you're an athlete and you're trying to get more calories in or you're trying to gain weight. You want to get more calories in with less the tight like with less satiation. So then I would recommend dry food. I know a lot of these amazing athletes that Ultra marathoners and whatnot that have Done crazy feet with just consuming dates dates and like coconut water. I've heard in fact, what's his name Grant and blinking his last name actually says, he runs. He's 100 mile runs and he puts a the dates in his coconut water in his backpack with the straw thing and just as he's running the days just kind of dissolve into the coconut water but dried fruits are really amazing source of concentrated calorie energy. So it's great for athletic Endeavors. It's great for gaining weight. It's great for if you're trying to get more calories in if you're trying to decrease your calorie intake if you're trying to decrease your weight, like most people I work with that I recommend going opting for the whole fruit version.


Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever

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