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How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

Julieanna Hever - How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

This event was on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Is a sugar detox a possible alternative for those who are facing serious health issues due to their chronic sugar consumption or would a plant-based diet pretty much take care of the sugar issues if the individual has the support needed for success.?

— Jim Peterson


I think that's one in the same. It's almost it's almost the same thing is, you know, if you're going north towards a plant-based. If you're going towards a whole food plant-based diet, you're going to get all of those benefits and I you know, it's not really yeah, I think focusing on three weeks and doing kind of an EXT an intensive program or just an intensive just a time period where you set aside to go on this journey. I think you're gonna maximize your your benefits. I mean if you just look at water fasting for example, When you take out all of those things from your diet, you just take it all out. You're sitting there with water. Please don't do this at home. Unless you have experience with this or you have you know, you basically get you know, go to your physician Healthcare practitioner first, but you know going without any of those foods and just taking it out. It's the quickest and easiest way to do it. It's almost like, you know taking the tablecloth out really quickly or that what's wrong pulling the rug out really quickly where everything kind of it just you just deal with it all at one time. And then what's amazing is then it's easier to do it on the long term because if you've ever gone on a water fast or if you've ever done something where you're eating like a mono diet or if you're ever just doing something where you're eating very simply then every everything starts to get sweeter and saltier and like I said for me, it happened over a period of time because my goal was to go plant-based at this time. This was so long ago before we had all these plant-based, you know junky foods that I was making all these plant-based desserts sweetened with taste or whatever. That my palate just kind of changed on its own slowly but my intention was just to go plant-based nowadays that anything you could eat. I could eat vegan. It's really hard. It's much harder for people. You can't say I'm going vegan. I'm going plant-based without having to address the issues of all of these highly processed hyper palatable foods that automatically just end up in the diet in those situations. So essentially you're if your goal is to go Whole Food plant-based and depending and you're saying if you're this is a lot of things in one if you're facing this series health issue. I recommend going all out go extreme just do it and get it get it done and then all sudden, you know after a few days your food is just gonna taste amazing again and you know, you could explore with Rouxbe recipes. You can explore with all these wonderful Whole Food plant-based diet recipes out there. You'll see that there's no want or lack of flavor or options. I mean, there's infinite combinations. You can make up these Health promoting foods and then you're gonna see the benefit the other benefit advantage of doing it the intensive or you focus for three weeks or whatever. however, whatever period of time you pick but another Advantage is that You adjust well. I forgot what I was going to say. I just went off on a tangent. One of the benefits is that you're just it's gonna be automatic and it's just gonna you're gonna have that the of dramatic impact. Oh, I know what it was. I know it's gonna say is that you're gonna feel better. You're gonna feel so good and that happens really quickly. Like we have to have our patients tell our clients tell their doctors. I'm going on this program. You're gonna see me my blood pressure is gonna go down my blood sugar's gonna go down without days and their doctor's like hahaha. Yeah, right. Yeah, whatever. Sure. Okay. Don't worry. It really happens within days. I mean, I can't even tell you what we've seen within three four days blood pressure start to normalize, even if it was like years and years of high blood pressure blood sugar starts to normalize days and then and even people that don't have serious health issues that are doing this your energy increases your skin clears up your eyes get brighter. I mean, I see that's all the time. It's just amazing what can happen and then when you feel good, it's a beautiful self perpetuating cycle, right? You feel good. So you want to keep feeling good. So you're gonna keep eating this way and you keep feeling this way. You start feeling better and it just is beautiful situation. Goes on and on and then once you feel really good and you've gotten your health under control and you're loving your new diet then go out and try to eat a meal like you used to eat like something that's highly processed or go and try to eat some, you know, some hardcore meal like on Thanksgiving you have a big meal you're gonna be and it's gonna be miserable and you'll see what that stuff does to your body. You could really see it when you isolate it like that. It's unbelievable. How many all my clients they'll say? Oh, you know like they're an Agony because they'd be needing so healthy and all the sudden they decided to go off the program and have something that was not on the program and it just it hurts. I mean, I've done it myself, of course, we've all done it it hurts. But that just shows you how powerful your palate is and how you can acclimate we we basically we haven't gotten to this point where we're eating these Foods. Instantly didn't happen overnight. This is like slowly years of eating more and more. You know, like I say with my Sriracha or like more people eating more candy the kids eating candy more frequently. It's as constant chronic consumption of these foods that takes years and years and years to build and then when you take it out, that's why you notice such an improvement so quickly, but you don't realize how much damage those foods are doing to you. That's why all said in you notice that your weight creeped up 50 pounds. You didn't even notice how that happened all the sudden you end up with hypertension or high hyperlipidemia any kind of high cholesterol problems. This things happen these things take years and like we always say is that you can get away with a lot you can get away with all sorts of things until 40 50 years old and that's when Mother Nature's done with you. You don't need to procreate anymore. You're just you're done. So that's when all these disease processes and these Cascades start kicking in it's when you know, after years and years of consuming these Foods, so getting off of it going all out. That's when you're gonna see the benefit.
Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever

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