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How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

Julieanna Hever - How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

This event was on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Plant-Based Dietitian Julieanna Hever for this discussion of How to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction. Read More.



Have you tried the Impossible burger? Any thoughts about the mimicking of animal in the Plant-Based world?

— Patrick Britton


I have a lot of thoughts on this and I'm glad you brought it up, you know as a vegan so I've got Probably some controversial view. So as a vegan, you know my goal. I wanted people to not eat animals that was that started for me when I was a teenager, but as a dietitian and seeing what's happened what's evolved like things like the impossible Burger what's happening is a big problem and I'm very worried. Actually. I'm actually wait not only for the animals. I'm also mostly worried about humans and people because we are creating non-animal junk foods, and these things have almost the same nutritional profile and almost the same Health adverse health effects as do the animal versions of these things, so, What I'm worried about is in 10 years, we're gonna see because we don't have we have some research on vegans compared to vegetarians compared to pescatarians compared to meat eaters. We have we have research on that. But what's going to happen now is when you're called a vegan that means you're just eating plants. It doesn't say what you're eating. We're gonna see vegans having no benefit as compared to me eaters and that's gonna not only make it so people are gonna say also, why would I bother going vegan if it's not gonna it's not gonna make me healthier because what only two to fight 2% of the population the last study that it's still the numbers are vegan and 5% are vegetarian the other 95 to 98% you know, our concerned about the animals or the other, you know, environmental issues associated with eating animal products. So if they don't have that Health Advantage then why why do it and so I'm concerned I'm seeing a lot of vegans coming to me with the same exact health issues as meat eaters, you know, we're still if you're eating all that saturated fat and you're eating all that sugar, All at the same risks for high cholesterol of cardiovascular disease of type 2 diabetes of gastrointestinal problems of GAO of acne of all of these things. You still have those same risks if you're eating all the sugars and saturated fats as you see in an animal based diet and again, you know to play Devil's Advocate if you see people on the see people having benefits from something like a paleo diet, Where they're consuming animal products? And hopefully in small amounts, but they're eating a ton of vegetables and then they've cut out, you know, refined sugars and they've cut out refined starches. They're gonna benefit you know, that might look better than a vegan that's eating vegan junk food. So I'm happy that there are options for people that are transitioning to a plant-based diet because if they're really craving a burger, I'd rather them eat an impossible burger or whatever Garden whatever Beyond me whatever it is then an animal Burger. However, if this is something that becomes the basis of the diet, you're not gonna have any health benefits and you're gonna be like, well, what's the point and why and then you're hurting yourself too. So beyond helping the animals. I want people to be healthy. That's that's my goal and life is to help people become healthier and you're not going to be healthier. If you're eating all of these junk Foods period unfortunately, that's just that's what's happening. It's It's kind of crazy. It's a different world whole different world now.
Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever

Plant-Based Dietitian