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Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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When I fry an egg and it needs to be sunny side up, I will put a lid over it to cook the egg whites and top of the egg so it’s not so runny. When I do that it burns the butter.?

— Pamela Jackson


Uh, we designed a class for Jacque Pepin last year, um, and he actually has a wonderful answer for it. So I'm gonna let him answer. There is nothing as simple and as good as just a fried egg. There is a way of doing it, I mean, my way of doing it. Not every b but mine. So, uh, a table spill of butter in there, two eggs, or break the egg on something flat like this, up to open your egg. Otherwise, when you do it on something, uh, pointed like this, it push the shell inside off and break the yolk and natural juice bacteria. So something flat this way. Okay, so the idea here is to do it at relatively low temperature, which is not exactly wet you do in a a area because cooking it at low temperature will give you an eggs with very tender egg white. And that was the idea whenever the taught how to do it. So it was very tender, the white, no crustiness around and cooking slowly this way. So it's very tender. So just melt the butter and a couple of eggs will go in there, a dash of salt on top of it. Rest of the seasoning will come later. And here now I'm going to reduce the heat to very low and I want to cover it. I want to glaze the top of the egg, what we call [unknown] a mirror, you know, on top sometime to help a little bit on that. But I do, I put like a teaspoon of water around, not much, but that with the lid on that. Create a steam, a little bit of steam, and it'll glaze the top. And that will take about two minutes. It's about ready. Of course, I like my eggs, you know, running in the center. Of course you can leave them longer if you don't want to have them ready. But as you can see here, the whole top is glazed now and it cooked very gently, whoop this way. And that will go onto my plate. This, uh, I like to put crack paper on top here. Again, question of this, maybe a few shys too. And eer the way I like my eggs. So you can see here that that thing is still very runny. This is thick, but that egg white here is going to be very, very tender and soft. And the center here will be this way, chapter, way a I like it. It's my way of doing it. Try that one. Happy cooking. Now as you saw from that video clip, one of the important things is making sure that your pan is starting in a medium low heat so you don't overcook that butter and you don't overcook the egg. Now the water is actually key to this. So actually once you get the egg in there, pour a tablespoon of water around the edge and edge and then put the lid on the top. That way you'll really get that classic sheen that Jacques was talking about. And it'll help to cook the egg. Now if you want a crispier outside, once you actually get that sheen in the top, you can turn the heat up a little bit and you'll get a crispy edge to the outer rim of that egg.


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