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Protein Packed Treats

Fran Costigan & Vesanto Melina - Protein Packed Treats

This event was on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Explore the world of protein-enriched treats with Chef Fran Costigan and Registered Dietitian Vesanto Melina in an insightful discussion that strikes a harmonious balance between fla… Read More.



How can I make protein packed treats that will get me through a stressful day at work and 45 minute workout?

— Tanja Robinson


So what would you suggest, Vesanto for a little treat? Yeah. Patrick, would you put up not the nutritious snacks yet, but put up the one about the tofu, um, cubes, marinated tofu cubes. So this is a picture of me, um, holding these little tofu cubes. And I am really interested in having protein as we get older and at any age, and for athletes and for kids after school. Um, and these little marinated tofu cubes are really, really helpful. Um, so I discovered them just this year, and they're in our plant power, plant power protein book. But what you do is a marinade that has a bit of tamari, uh, rice vinegar, grated or minced ginger garlic and toast, bit of toasted sesame oil, and it just marinates. And, um, if we go back to quickly a picture here, here's the tofu marinating, and I have this in the fridge all the time pretty well. And then I put them in the, they only need to marinate for half an hour, but often there's there for a couple days and I put them in the air fryer and they're little cubes that are so easy to eat and snack on. And I find they also help me level out my blood sugar because I tend to have, uh, trouble keeping my blood sugar level. I have a lot of addictions in my family and alcoholism and diabetes, and I find those of us that are like that often have trouble keeping our blood sugar level. Our insulin doesn't, response doesn't keep it level as much as some people's. So, um, I, I talked to a lot of dieticians and, and learned about this decades ago and I helped my clients with this kind of situation, but I find that the snacks really need to have something like beans or lentils in them to help keep, keep level. And these tofu cubes are great. You can just have a little package of them with you. So that's one of the helpful snacks. Now, Patrick, if you could put on the one called nutritious snacks, that's a, another image. And, um, so those tofu cubes are marinated and then air fried. But on this nutritious snacks you'll see, um, what we called Kentucky Fried Tofu. It was just dipped in tamari and then a nutritional yeast, and you can cook it in a pan or the oven. And, uh, so that's at one corner. And then below that is hummus and, um, different veggies or crackers, whole grain crackers. And that's one that I found this was a thing for kids after school, but for everybody. Um, and TV snacks, if you wanna have a healthy snack. So you just put it on the counter when the kids get home from school and there's all these veggies on it and there's crackers and the kids, without saying anything, the kids will just end up eating a whole pile of veggies and some protein before dinner. And, uh, these things are just as easy to eat as potato chips, but there's so much more nutritious. Yeah, I don't count potato chip. I don't even keep them in the house. I don't keep them in the house. Actually, I can, I can have potato chips in the house. It's pretzels I can't have. Another thing I would say for protein, and that's, you know, about a nutritious snack, is people tend to talk about, you know, dates with hemp and or a hemp and oats and as a base, because you can make a little protein, a little sweet protein snack. But let's not forget about the other dried fruits, which are really wonderful, really wonderful. So, um, what I wanna say also, Tanja is don't get stressed.
Fran Costigan & Vesanto Melina

Fran Costigan & Vesanto Melina