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Bite-Sized Desserts with Big Appeal

Fran Costigan - Bite-Sized Desserts with Big Appeal

This event was on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Indulge your senses in a delightful experience as the renowned pastry chef Fran Costigan takes center stage at her 8th Annual Essential Vegan Desserts Valentine’s Day Live Event.

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What exactly is the difference between portion size and serving size? I have been told there is a difference. Who and how is that determined?

— Jody Criman


Sometimes I get some of your questions ahead and I thought, yes, for example, in a cookbook, when you're writing a recipe, you don't say how many portions it makes you say serves X number of people. So here you go Jody. And everyone serving size is a standardized amount of food. It may be used to quantify recommended amounts as is the case with my plate food group or represent quantities that people typically consume on a nutrition facts label. You know, we wanna read labels. Portion size is the amount of food you choose to eat. So there you have it.
Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Director of Vegan Pastry