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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What is the best technique to peel/process an avocado? (i.e., cutting sequence)

— Claude Pilette


And guess what? I had an avocado waiting for you Claude And when I went to open it it you know, there's that joke. Sorry. I can't leave my house today because my avocado will be right between 6PM and 6:15. Well yesterday it looked perfect to me. But today it wasn't perfect. So. Of things about avocados. There is an increase in a medical condition called avocado Palm where people think that the only way to get the pit out of the avocado is to whack a knife and then pick it up and oftentimes people have missed their palm and instead lacerated their palm and having to get stitches So to avoid that I spend a lot of time in Honduras and I go there for medical Outreach. Working in the hills and there's a cook at the house where I stay and I find myself in the kitchen mostly with her watching because everything she does is so beautiful and so easy. And all she does is pop the avocado pit out with her hands. So she doesn't get cut so you can just pop it out and it will work and then the other thing that I do in my own kitchen to make life easy. If I'm making something like avocado toast is you pop out that pit and then invert the avocado on a wire cooling rack and just press it through and then all of the avocado comes in comes out in little pieces and it's ready for you to make toast or whatever that you would like to do, but do avoid the knife method start squeezing out your avocado pit and I think that will make your life very very easy. I think the other key to that Claude is Getting that avocado at the exact right minute because they can turn on you pretty quickly. So they're also very easy to peel with your fingers if you wanted to make them into slices into quarters or make avocado fries or you know, whatever it is that you would like to do. So very good question.
Char Nolan

Char Nolan

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