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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Would you consider giving a class on vinegar making, including the basics and maybe flavored vinegars?

— Judith Trusdell


Absolutely. We will certainly take that and consideration. That's a class I'd love to do. So as you know, dude if I make quite a bit of my own vinegar and for the rest of you this is Really out of convenience for me as more sustainability than anything. So my wife doesn't drink wine. I drink wine and I have decided in my life that four glasses of wine is too much. and zero glasses is too little right, so there's oftentimes where after two days or maybe even three days, you know, I'll have a glass of wine one night a glass and a half the next night the glass the next night and then there's just this little sort of tired. No one called dregs but just tired wine left over right even if it can be great one. So I bought a vinegar mother which you can buy you can Source online which is just in the ctobacter or you can inoculate with some live culture something like the brags anything that that says, you know with the mother. That in quotes for some reason. I don't know why that's just bad. design anyway You can inoculate it with just a little bit of that. And as you as I have done sort of done a Solaris system, which is how they make Sherry in Spain, which is every year they put in this year's. Grape juice and from the bottom of these Cascades of barrels from the bottom of these barrels, they take out some of the now vinegar or the now wine, right that's fermented. So that down the line you still have molecules of the original wine or the original juice still in there. There's Solara systems that are hundreds of years old. How cool is that? Right so you end up with this very Blended very mellow product. That's the product of multiple years and that's what I do is every time I have a little bit left over I just Pour the wine in and then I off the bottom of this single barrel that I have. I just pull some wine out. And then some of the things that I will do and do this. I'm kind of giving the whole class now, not the whole class, but you know, I've got a white wine vinegar It started. Let's see. I've got all sorts and all sorts of stuff. I got white lines. I got roses I got White wine with an aged Shannon Blanc that I opened that I didn't really particularly care for as a wine. So You know what instead of drinking wine that I didn't really like or throwing it out. I turned it into vinegar and it's homemade cider vinegar rose wine vinegar a lot of vinegar more videos over here. This is a champagne vinegar. And probably the mother that I'm talking about is if you can see that floating around right here. That shows up or not. But all this stuff in the bottom too. You can see that that's the mother. Okay, it looks kind of like a jellyfish floating around to the bottom. But it's actually the mother in quotation marks. So there it is. Not just essential for vinegar. So flavored vinegars Etc. So yeah Judy, let's get into that another time. But thanks for that.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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