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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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Please comment on Taste vs Flavor?

— Jay Lawson


So one might say I think there's two ways to answer this. One is more in a social way taste being subjective flavor being objective. Yeah, you have good taste Jay. I mean, I really love that tie that you're wearing in your in your in your picture there. I mean it really pops with that shirt. You got really great taste, right? That's not the same with a dish. So they're sort of that social way of describing taste versus flavor flavor being you know, what's what's the flavor of the month? Well, Strawberry, you know, it's pretty defined and categorized. But in scientific terms or certain more technical terms taste is one aspect of flavor. Taste is the five tastes sweet sour salty bitter and umami. Right that meaty fifth flavor you get from shiitake mushrooms, some soy sauce the A1 it gets the air kind of flavor that blooms other flavors. Parmesan is really rich in Umami fish sauce Etc. So those are the five tastes. now taste is part of flavor because flavor is the the sum of tastes odors or Aromas You know are olafactory and a fact about I think 90% of our understanding of flavor actually comes from the smell of things. You know, if you if you hold your nose and eat food you're getting vastly different experience from it. So flavor being taste Aroma as well as the more chemical aspects, you know the way that Just Foods interact with art with our mouths and how taste buds and sensory perception sort of fires off Etc. So that's a more technical way of saying that but also just from maybe a more utilitarian way Strawberries have a taste dishes have flavor. What's the flavor of the dish? Well, it's you're talking about sort of an integrated thing. The flavor of the dish isn't. You know, let's go back to that lamb dish. I was just talking about so lamb shank braised in a Harissa spiced sauce over a saffron couscous. The tastes in that dish or saffron Harissa, you know, what's the taste of Harissa? Well, it's cumin and coriander and paprika and roasted peppers and vinegar Etc. So you can label off all the tastes, but what's the flavor of the dish the flavor of the dish is like this wonderful North African milange of spice and heavy Aromas of braised lamb and all that fat rendered into the sauce and then reduce down with that Aroma and sort of steam coming off that gently sexy seductive scent of saffron coming up wafting through sort of adding this nice elegant punctuation to it. Whoa. I'm describing flavor there
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