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Barton Seaver - Open Office Hours

This event was on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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How would I make my own organic ACV at home? Or do you suggest just buying a good one like Bragg's?

— Emilie Pavilon


Well making a good one starts with good cider. Right and good cider comes from good apple. So I have a cider press we have here I have. Seven apple trees on my on my farm here. You know, there's hundreds of Apple varieties. Each of them make very distinguished different products, you know at the end of the day or they all apple cider yet. Yep. They sure are but some of them are going to be better crab apples and cider apples tend to have lower sweetness and much higher acidity to them even higher tannins to them. So you're gonna end up with a very different cider vinegar at the end of that process so find an Apple that you really really like. and or a couple apples that you really like get some cider made from them you can just do that yourself and you can just put it put apples in a blender and then pass them through cheesecloth and just squeeze the crap out of them until they're until you have your cider. It's not the most efficient way granted, but it works or you could wrap them up in cheesecloth put them in a bowl and then use a fitting Bowl. To smash them down so you can really put some weight on it and that would smash the juice out so you can extract it and then use some of the Bragg's which has that mother in it to kick start the fermentation process. Is the way that I would do that. And that would you know, just put it in a cool dark place about 55 degrees 60 degrees somewhere in that area if you can maintain that, if not, it's okay. Don't let it get up to 85. Don't let it get too cold, but somewhere in that room temperature, you know winter room temperature. Zone and it probably takes your van it will be vinegary. Within a couple of weeks, but it won't be really done for about two months. I would say so just try that out and it's gonna smell. First like cider and then like fermentation like alcohol and then it's going to smell very vinegary and this whole time this entire area will be a heaven for fruit flies. So keep it covered with cheesecloth. You need to let it breathe with air for that fermentation process to happen for the conversion to vinegar to ascetic acid, but you want to keep the bugs out of there. So just be aware of those things. Cheers. Go for it. I mean that's a Emily M M. Go for it. I think that's an awesome project and you learn a lot from it and you might just learn that. Ah, man. This is this this sucks. I'm gonna go back to Bragg's cool now, you know,
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Barton Seaver

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