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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Dan Marek - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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I need recommendations on what name brand chef's knife to buy. Even if you can give me some name brands that are of great quality that would really help my confusion. I like the feel of the standard chef's knife. I have never tried the Japanese ones?

— Mina Todorov


I don't usually give a brand name of a chef knife. But because you ask specifically about a brand name like yes, I will, you know, I I always tell people the best way to pick out a chef knife is to go to a store that has them in stock and feel them in your hand Rock them Across The Cutting Board to be able to see how it feels in your hand because it's really the most important thing about buying chef knife is seeing how it feels in your hand and the amount of work you're going to be doing with that. You know, you want to be able to have it comfortably sit in your hand. now specific brand names I own all kinds of different knives and all kinds of different brands but there are two that I specifically use pretty regularly. In fact, I have a knife block in my home kitchen that is mostly wustof brand knives. And those are a wide variety of their different knives. I love the classic. It's a very simple kind of a knife. It's a German made knife the tangoes though through the whole life as well. And I have a couple different chef knives that I keep in that block and a vegetable knife which is a chef knife with little holes slotted into it. So vegetables will fall off of it, too. Now Beyond wusthof, I also my favorite Japanese go-to is typically a shun knife. Now. I actually love some of their older stuff. I haven't tried a lot of their new stuff as well too, but they have a good variety of different knives and the Japanese style and those again are really good to be able to explore they're gonna feel very different in your hand than a wusthof would as well and stuff makes a couple different styles. They make an icon they make a the classic as well and the classic I think just fits me better, but the icon has kind of a curved handles a little more a little more curved to the hand too. Now those aren't the only two as well, you know, a very common chef knife for people to start off with would be a global life. You know, and Global is a very common knife. I'm not a big fan of them because the handle is actually made out of metal. It just doesn't feel quite right on me as well. But they're unbelievably popular and they're actually really affordable. Do so that's the reason a lot of people end up getting Global knives too. Now. There are a wide variety of different knife makers out there, but I think that those if you're looking for a like my recommendation in particular those would probably be some of the best ones now that being said every other instructor that you talk to at Rouxbe would probably give you different brand name because it really is up to every single you know every single hand, you know is very different and part of those is we just have you know, everybody has kind of a story behind a knife for how they got into that knife. Mine in particular is because that's what I grew up with was the wusthof knives my mom being a caterer herself. You know, she had all wusthof knives. So that's actually what I grew up with and felt more comfortable with not depending on you know, what kind of knives you grew up using that's probably going to be the one that you actually will probably go towards more than anything else just because you like the feel in your hand and you're familiar with it now woostoff can be expensive or at least a hundred dollars for a good chef knife. The shown are probably in that same category. The globals are typically started about 34 to you know, forty dollars. So just if you're thinking price wise it's you know, that's something to be able to consider and you know, they those are just kind of like the standards, you know, they also have higher end knives that are out there and it's a wide variety of those and they're so individual per knife, so I'm not gonna go Far into that but widely available ones. Those are probably the ones brand noise that I would recommend.


Dan Marek

Dan Marek

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