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Dan Marek - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What is the difference between microwaving, boiling, or steaming vegetables. Which method is the best to use?

— Dorothy Rutledge


this is a tricky one because there's no perfect answer the best thing to do is what ever makes you eat more vegetables, right? So the more vegetables eat the better. So whatever method you're going to use that's totally fine this I have not owned a microwave for 20 years. And that is partly because I found it to take up a lot of room in my kitchen to kind of reheat things as kind of the best way that you know kind of put that and there were studies a long time ago saying that there was unhealthy to cook in those and I think those Studies have been debuffed by now. But I just haven't had one because it just took up a lot of space. You know. Now that being said all my family members all have my creams in their houses and they do things like, you know microwave cauliflower in a bag and a plastic bag and it comes out. You know, it comes out. Okay, but you know, if you're to boil that same cauliflower, it's a you know, you can I guess you just have a little more control on it, but my go-to would probably be steaming vegetables. I actually like steaming vegetables more you know than boiling your microwaving because you have more control on it, too. So you're putting a boiling a pot of water down and you're putting your steamer baskets on top of it. You can you know go through and make sure you get the right texture you're looking for. So if we're talking about cauliflower just randomly here, you know, I can open up the basket and put a fork into it really easy to see how how much texture is still left into it how soft that is too and I can you know also steam different ingredients at different times. I can change whatever liquid I'm boiling underneath the steamer basket to be able to add a different flavor to the dish too. And it could be really light, you know, like a could even be like a green tea steamed vegetable or something like that. We're just barely noticeable, but still there's nothing a little bit different about that. Now boiling, you know vegetables. I typically find that that takes a lot of flavor out of them and you end up losing a lot of the nutrients into the water that you're cooking into now. That's not for everything some things. It's perfect to be able to boil them trying to think of something, you know more recently that I'm boiling vegetables like corn in the cob is actually a great one, you know, so sometimes you want to boil corn on the cob to be able to get it real quick heat on it. I prefer grilling corn in the cob more than anything. But if I have to do it kind of quickly inside, you know, I've seen that method to use I've also seen one in a microwave where you keep the corn husk on it microwave it and then I think it's two minutes and then the husk and everything comes off and it's perfectly cooked which I was amazed by so really the true answer is Whatever Gets you to eat more of those vegetables the way I like to be able to get more bang for my buck is through steaming. So I will typically, you know use a steaming method on most vegetables if I want to be using either microwave and boiling or steaming. I hope that works for you Dorothy.
Dan Marek

Dan Marek

Director of Plant-Based Culinary & Dev