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Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui - Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

This event was on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join us for a conversation about food literacy, Black history, and Black food futures with Chef Njathi Kabui and Adante Hart, RD. This is the first of a series called Pull Up a Chair… Read More.



Might you have a cookbook Chef Njathi?

— Regina Heon


I have book. I have a book of contributed chapters to books. I'm working on my book. And because my biggest interest is not creating recipes, but more teaching about why people should learn enough should be literally enough to create their own recipes based on their own pallets. So this food I create is totally based on my own politics, you know, and I tell you this what I could and my teaching is that you know, you should understand I want to teach you how to understand your pallets and Tailor your food to those pallets that you do and most of keeping those pallets healthy and recognizing when you know, the differences between a healthy palette that is beneficial to you. Unhealthy palette. That's not a beneficial. So in a national, yes, there's a contributed a chapter and recipe in several books one being mindful eating for Beloved Community which are contributed a chapter 2, which was about one of my first published work and then yes mindful eating for the Beloved Community right there then you know, and there's a recipe for two of Chef Brian Terry's book. Which one is one of which is the book you have. I have a Blog very active block. You can read a lot interesting stories about my blog chef and my idea is some of those blogs will end up being in a book probably some time towards the end of this year. and but I also offer do offer classes for literacy classes, you know workshops you can take 10 classes and you are basic for literacy about how to get help or as one of a key items. On your portfolio. What we will have their Barbershop. They have they have their Barber they go to they have their dermatologists. They have everything. They have a possible mixed up our pedicure, you know manicure manicuries. We have all this but we don't have food as one of the items in our portfolio we have with Creek currency. We have stocks. We have all bonds all thing, but we don't have health as one of those. Oh items on our portfolio. So that's what what I do and that's what I write.
Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui