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Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui - Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

About this Event

Join us for a conversation about food literacy, Black history, and Black food futures with Chef Njathi Kabui and Adante Hart, RD. This is the first of a series called Pull Up a Chair, featuring the Rouxbe team in discussion with various leaders in food-spaces on diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the broad landscape of food.

During this conversation, you’ll hear about Chef Kabui’s personal odyssey through food, how he started a food literacy center in his home in Kenya, and how he engages in social and political discourse through what he calls Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine.

About Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui

Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

Njathi Kabui is a Chef with a passion for Food Justice, a Leading expert in Food Literacy, a Medical Anthropologist and an Organic farmer. He is actively involved in promoting food literacy as a Public Speaker, Writer and a Social Commentator. Chef Kabui appears regularly on one of the most popular radio stations that broadcasts in his local language in Kenya as well as international media. Chef Kabui has literally worked on almost all common sectors of food from the farm, marketing, food app design, to the consumer’s plate through his advocacy and eclectic food workshops and dinners on farms, Non-profits, museums, academic institutions and corporate events.

Chef Kabui has designed his own cuisine which he calls Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine as a more healthy option that deals with Climate Change, Health and Food Justice. He has promoted this cuisine in Africa, Europe, USA and in the UAE, at numerous educational institutions, corporate companies, nonprofits and embassies.

Chef Kabui has set up a food literacy and sustainability center in Kenya which has a village branch and an urban branch for the purpose of promoting food literacy, demonstration farm and creation of content. The center has both local and international attractions and collaborations. Chef Kabui is ranked as the top chef in sustainability in Africa.

Chef Kabui has presented at numerous conferences and panels such as SASS Conference in Milan Italy (2021), Kenyatta University, Kenya(2021), U.N Food Systems Summit (2021), Africa Week in Berlin (2020), SOAS Food Summit in London (2019), The Smithsonian (2018) in Washington D.C. He is also a notable Public Speaker at various gatherings such as BCAGlobal in New York (2020), the Males Place (2018), CFSA (2020) in North Carolina, Kenyatta University (2021), Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (2021), SASS International Conference in Milan Italy (2021) and Alliance of Leadership Fellows (2021) \. Chef Kabui believes that the best African food is in the future.

Adante Hart serves as the Health Programs Manager, leveraging his experience in public health and nutrition to inform and optimize many of Rouxbe’s culinary and wellness initiatives. He is also a Registered Dietitian, nutrition educator, and speaker who strives to improve public health through advancing food sovereignty. He brings to the Rouxbe team a wealth of experience working in and around food, from academia to agriculture and farming, hospitals, restaurants, non-profits, and nearly everything else in between.

Drawing from this wealth of experience working around food in various capacities, Adante regularly speaks and leads classes/interactive workshops that reside at the intersection of nutrition, foodways, and health.

Adante holds a Master of Public Health from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Bachelor in Biology from The Johns Hopkins University. He also serves or has served in a formal capacity with Oldways Preservation Trust, the Southern Foodways Alliance, and the National Organization of Blacks in Nutrition and Dietetics (NOBIDAN).

He currently resides in North Carolina, and spends his spare time exercising, gardening, and gaming.