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Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui - Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

This event was on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join us for a conversation about food literacy, Black history, and Black food futures with Chef Njathi Kabui and Adante Hart, RD. This is the first of a series called Pull Up a Chair… Read More.



How do you think diet can help can a human eat without plastic or other waste as a byproduct today?

— Julieta Aguilera


Oh, yes Plastics have become ubiquitous. Let's be honest Plastics are everywhere and they are causing us probably more harm than you know, I wouldn't say the most harm but a man the things that are causing us most harm to the environment because it's in the sea war is in the sea world and it's everywhere is in the air, you know, some of the plastic is there and we breathe it. So it's very bad for our lines and all that. So be Kenya actually did something very very remarkable it Bond or single-use plastic bags. So you can't take anything in the plastic with plastic bag in Kenya when they get you you get to the airport they have to look through your bags and they have to throw it away you can get in the country. So that's so plastic is something that we have to get rid of we don't have in excuse. If you can go to we can send satellites to to the space. There's no reason why we can make things that are more sustainable. Replace the plastic. So yeah plastic. I'm all against plastic.
Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui