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Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui - Pull Up A Chair: Food and Futures

This event was on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join us for a conversation about food literacy, Black history, and Black food futures with Chef Njathi Kabui and Adante Hart, RD. This is the first of a series called Pull Up a Chair… Read More.



You mentioned that food is not static but always evolving/improving. Can you share some examples of this from your personal experience?

— Ken Rubin


Right. Yes. Right here. That's a watermelon. Radish. I never even Rick watermelon. Radish when I grew up. That's number one. I'm always I have if you visit my blog I have An essay that I call the tea of repentance. And most of my writing that I'm working on is I always tie something historical or mostly doesn't have but mostly is is a composite just like I make recipe Food I write the same way I cook. So I take different ingredients and I cook into a meal one meal. So I take several different stories to as a compound. I have some history. I have something philosophy. I have some culture and I have some crazy. You know me new stuff, right? So When I was clearing the backyard, I have some got in the backyard. I read that I have some stinging nettle and I have some Down the line the group while dandelion. So one day I saw wow. This is Donald by the downline in the background in the backyard is producing really beautiful flowers. So I picked up the flowers and I was thinking about putting them in the best. And say what if I bought them and drink the liquid it might be really healthy. Then I say Amen. What if I what if I add some what else can I add for my back here? So I went looked at all this stuff. I never realized how much stuff I had in my back yet, but I can turn into tea. I have been some more battery. I have a stinging narrow. I am dandelion and I have some of those while onions And I put all of them in the tea and so that was something I never drunk before something very new and I probably put some black pepper in some. Ginger and turmeric in it and some honey. So it's very my kids love the honey and I think a lemon so so as a result I ended up riding a history about tea the history of Tea House stolen from China and all that kind of stuff and why cheeti is connected to the sugarcane and that's how African Americans they ended up being brought here sleeping and so on. So that's an example of how we can expand our food so food now wishes us but our body but also ideas I get all kinds of ideas being in the kitchen.
Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui

Adante Hart & Njathi Kabui