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Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What are good substitutes for oil when baking, sautéing and grilling?

— Lisa Rittenhouse


So I also follow a no added oil diet and have been eating this way for almost 13 years. And I will first of all say that after a while it all becomes second nature. If you have a book like the engine 2 book, and this has been my go-to book for all of those years written by rip esselstin the former Austin City firefighter. He's now referred to as so for the baking when I bake there are so many great substitutes for quote quote fat. It could be a banana. It could be a sweet potato. It could be tofu. It could be a number of things for sauteing if you refer to the Rouxbe recipe for sought no oil sauteed mushrooms that to me is a Cornerstone in learning to cook plant-based without oil and you can use that same recipe for zucchini for asparagus. I use it for practically everything as long as the vegetables are cut properly so it's Heat your pan, add your savior's like shallots or whatever and have a deglazing agent. So you could use low sodium broth. You could use wine. You could use cooking wine. Some people enjoy using fruit juice me. I just use water because it's easy and then there are wonderful spices that you can do seasoning with so it takes a little bit of practice that but that mushroom activity is probably one of the one of my favorite recipes in Rouxbe and I feel as though We kind of creates a wonderful foundation for learning how to cook oil free and for grilling grilling is a tough one because you don't want your food to stick to the grill. So if you have a little spray bottle fill it up with some Stock or vegetable stock and a little bit of water and spray your vegetables and wherever the hottest part of the grill is you may not necessarily want your vegetables there because you might want to cook the more slowly. So I put my vegetables on the outside of the grill and then some people will use a cedar plank. Two even cook their vegetables on it'll add a little different flavor to it. But it also prevents your items from sticking to the grill. So what I want to say is it's all trial. And it's all trial. I'm not gonna say trial and error because every day that you learn to cook without oil is another victory for you in following a whole food plant-based. No oil Diet. Also, I wanted to suggest if you're a member of the plant-based nutritional support group in Michigan. They do everything now virtually. Of course, they have some wonderful seminars. I did one last week for a group a heart disease group, and it was very interesting hearing from them how they have, you know adapted and created wonderful wonderful recipes that everyone loves Ripple also has some great recipes in here. This was his first his first book his sister. Jane has a new cookbook coming out on August the 23rd, so there's lots of resources and again, feel free to email me at


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