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Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

Fran Costigan - Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

This event was on Wednesday, February 08, 2023 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Join us for Fran Costigan’s 7th annual Valentine’s Day Spectacular live event, where renowned pastry chef and vegan dessert expert Fran Costigan will be showcasing her delicious and … Read More.



Does the cream dispenser work for aquafaba whipped cream?

— Cathy Chapman


It doesn't. Aquafaba, if there's anyone here who doesn't know is the it's the word aquafaba. being water typically chickpea liquid and it has it gets whipped just like egg whites with a little bit of an acid like cream of tartar for example, and once it has really mounded and making grown quite a bit and becomes opaque we add powdered sugar not confectioners sugar but vegan cane sugar that has been powder in a blender A tablespoon at a time and it needs to be about 10 15 minutes. It can be re-whipped and it is really delicious.
Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Director of Vegan Pastry