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Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

Fran Costigan - Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

This event was on Wednesday, February 08, 2023 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Join us for Fran Costigan’s 7th annual Valentine’s Day Spectacular live event, where renowned pastry chef and vegan dessert expert Fran Costigan will be showcasing her delicious and … Read More.



If making oat milk from cooked oats would you recommend steel cut or rolled oats and what proportion of oats to water?

— Mary Jo Dolan


Well, I wrote this down because I think at my last I think my last live event I did make oatmeal. From oatmeal oatmeal now thing is I don't know almost every single morning. I mean I eat a very habitual breakfast or I wouldn't eat breakfast and I think I feel better when I eat breakfast and I like oatmeal so I batch cook steel cut oats enough for a couple days in my instant pot that way. I don't have to worry about boil over. Put it in the fridge and there you go. So before the last live event, I was looking at these steel cut oats, and I thought I wonder if I could make some oatmeal. Using already cooked oats making oat milk is a little tricky because the nice thing about oats is they cream if you've cooked without you know that I use. rolled oats Supreme my creamy soups, for example, but you don't want your oat milk to get like there's gotta be another word for slimy somebody help me out here. So what I did was one quarter cup of rolled. One quarter cup of steel cut oatmeal because it was already cooked one. cup of water and this says it gave me a thick and some date paste for flavor and a pinch of salt and I got and then you need to strain it you want to use a blender just long enough for the oats to blend. Thoroughly, but there's still needs to be strained. I took what was left if any of you know, what rice. Cereal looks like the pulp. So I put that pulp on my oatmeal actually, so there was no waste and that's what I did and it worked so I don't think I mean, I don't know I haven't made it with rolled oats because I use steel cut oats, but I can't see why not you try using, you know, a smaller amount of water. You can always add more.
Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Director of Vegan Pastry