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Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

Fran Costigan - Fran's 7th Annual Valentines Spectacular

This event was on Wednesday, February 08, 2023 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Join us for Fran Costigan’s 7th annual Valentine’s Day Spectacular live event, where renowned pastry chef and vegan dessert expert Fran Costigan will be showcasing her delicious and … Read More.



Can you give words of wisdom on using gluten free flour for your cakes and having the same wonderful results?

— Cathy Chapman


Cakes and gluten-free baked goods don't always have the same. result as a cake had these asking about cakes that you're going to have using wheat. So it's not one to one. I know that there are a lot of chefs pastry chefs cookbook authors who are saying use one cup of AP flour 1 cup of whole wheat pastry flour or the same amount of gluten-free flour. I think you have to do a little more work than that, but I've made some really nice. cakes using gluten-free flour So my favorite gluten-free flour is Bob's Red Mill with the blue label and it's called. Bob's Red Mill gluten-free all-purpose one to one and it and it works really really well.
Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Director of Vegan Pastry