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Pork Medallions W/ Miso Sauce


Pan fried pork medallions served with a light miso and soy pan sauce.
  • Serves: 2
  • Active Time: 25 mins
  • Total Time: 25 mins
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Step 1: Preparing the Pork

Preparing the Pork
  • 1 whole pork tenderloin


To prepare the pork, first trim off any excess fat and remove the silverskin. Cut the tenderloin into slices about 1" -inch thick. Cover the pieces with plastic wrap and then gently pound to flatten slightly.

Step 2: Preparing the Mise en Place

Preparing the Mise en Place
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 to 2 green onions
  • 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp genmai miso paste
  • 2 tsp grapeseed oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp ginger


To prepare your mise en place, first émincé the shallots lengthwise. Émincé the garlic and mince the ginger. Slice the green onions on a bias and then gather the rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, miso and oil.

Step 3: Cooking the Pork

Cooking the Pork
  • sea salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper. to taste


To cook the pork, first season each side with salt and pepper.

Heat a fry pan over medium to medium-high heat. Once the pan is properly heated, add the oil, immediately followed by the pork. Let the pork cook for 2 to 3 minutes per side or until just cooked through. Once done, transfer to a cooling rack, tent with vented foil and let rest, while you make the sauce.

Step 4: Making the Sauce

Making the Sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups chicken stock


To prepare the sauce, make sure there is enough oil in the pan so the sucs don’t burn. Then add the shallots and sauté for about 20 seconds.

Next, add the ginger and garlic and let cook for another 20 seconds or so. Then deglaze with the rice wine vinegar and let this reduce until it reaches a syrupy consistency. Add the stock and let reduce by at least half. As the stock is reducing, you can add the juices from the resting meat.

Once reduced by half, whisk in the miso. Season with soy sauce to taste. Turn the heat to low and coat the pork with the sauce. Transfer the pork to warmed serving plates.

Lastly, add the green onions and stir to combine. To serve, pour a few tablespoons of sauce over each dish and serve immediately with some jasmine rice.

Chef's Notes

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  • Gaby V
    Gaby V
    Hi Joe, Made the porc medaillons today, thanks, I liked it.\ In the recipe, making the sauce, you write> add the stock, but you didnot mention how much. I am Dutch, so I have some difficulties in conversing the cups and ounzes into dutch liters and kg. It would be nice if you mentioned the european measures too. Still I am very happy with the recipes!! regards, gaby
  • Gaby V
    Gaby V
    Hi Joe, Sorry, I made a mistake reading the recipe! You did mention 1 1/2 cup chicken stock. sorry sorry.
  • Kimberley S Rouxbe Staff
    Kimberley S
    Hi Gaby, No worries. 1 1/2 cups is approximately 12.49 fluid ounces (British) or 0.6245 pints (British). We will eventually have a conversion tool on our site. I used this site to make the conversion: Hope this helps. Happy cooking!
  • Erik G
    Erik G
    Hi Joe, I had pork in the fridge last night and wondered what to do with it....better check Rouxbe, and there it was Pork Miso. Fabulous sauce and very easy to make. I think I am getting the hang of making sauces. Best part though was that we had every ingredient in the kitchen already! Thanks! Erik
  • Liz S
    Liz S
    I want to make this in a few days and wondered if brining the pork would be "overkill" for this recipe. Thanks:)
  • Joe G
    Joe G
    Hi Liz... Brining will add flavor (if flavored), seasoning and moisture every time so you can never over do it with brine. Do it just like this recipe. The only thing that you should keep in mind when brining smaller pieces of meat (like a pork tenderloin), is to first keep it whole and then do it in a lower salt solution for a shorter period of time, otherwise the meat can get salty. Cheers. Joe
  • Liz S
    Liz S
    I brined the pork so did not salt it and went light on the soy sauce. ( I always brine two tenderloins and put one in the freezer). There was a little sauce left over and my husband said it was too good to throw out so have saved it:) When I brine, I usually crush a few of the peppercorns and this time tried doing it in my garlic press. That really worked well. The pork was super tender and certainly an easy recipe.
  • Melinda W
    Melinda W
    This looks amazing . I am going to make it for dinner tonight . Great recipe thanks
  • Aravinda P
    Aravinda P
  • Marsel N
    Marsel N
    THANKS, JOE It is really good, hope we can have more recipes from you. thanks, Marsel
  • Zelda F
    Zelda F
    The is the best recipe in the world. though i would like it even better if i caught the pork myself!! yummy
  • Zach S
    Zach S
    Joe thanks u sould go out with zelda!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rosie S
    Rosie S
    The recipe sounds incredible. However, I can not find Miso Paste in any grocery store. I live in North Carolina so that could be one reason..Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rosie
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T
    A few your local Japanese restaurant or store and ask them if they sell it, or if they know where you might find it. You could also try your local health food store (I have always had success there). If that doesn't do the trick then you can always order it online. It lasts for a very long time, so it is worth it. Here is a link to the page for Amazon and Miso. Here is also a drill-down for Miso Paste just in case you missed it. Hope this helps - Good luck!
  • Rob G
    Rob G
    This was an awesome recipe. Just be careful how much you salt the pork medallions before you pan fry. The miso and soy are both very salty so, there is risk in making the dish too salty. Cheers!!
  • Spring W
    Spring W
    Could some one put macorni cheese on rouxbe please because i dont have the recpie to make it and its my fav. dinner thank you, myles(spring)
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T
    Here is a recipe for Mac 'n' Cheese (with a bit of a twist). You can also find it by using the search field at the top right of each page. Funny you should mention mac 'n' cheese, as that is what I made for dinner last night - just a simpler version with just the cheese sauce and pasta. Cheers!
  • Mike S
    Mike S
  • David L
    David L
    I made this tonight. I couldn't find genmai miso paste at our local japanese store, I picked a dark paste. Here's how it looked: pic thanks for the recipe !
  • Kimberley S Rouxbe Staff
    Kimberley S
    Great job, David! Your dish looks fantastic! :)
  • Timothy M
    Timothy M
    My kids and I are looking forward to enjoying this dish tomorrow evening. However, after scouring every grocery store within 20 miles (rural Maine) I was unable to locate Miso paste. I did find liquid Minute Miso by Hikari at one store and bought it. Any suggestions as to how I might use this liquid form to substitute for the paste will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T
    Sorry I have not tried this product. I did a quick search online and I found someone that said it was very tasty, but that is all I found out about it. I would just say, start with a little bit at first, you can always add more, but you can't take it away. Good luck, happy cooking!
  • Everton L
    Everton L
    This recipe is delicious and easy. I made it for lunch this Saturday and it was great. Instead of rice, I served with polenta, also good. The only thing is that we prefer well-done pork, so I had to made thiner slices of pork to have it thoroughly cooked. Thanks!
  • Megan W
    Megan W
    I made this recipe tonight exactly as stated and it was incredible. The sauce is spectacular and I think the next time I make it I will make extra sauce. Great recipe.
  • Marsha H
    Marsha H
    I liked this very much. first time I "fried" pork when it didn't turn out like shoeleather. :} I got my meso paste at the Asian store.
  • Andrew L
    Andrew L
    Yumm! Thanks Joe, I made this last night and it got gobbled up right away by everyone. Andrew
  • Jacqueline B
    Jacqueline B
    Hi There: Could I use Rice vinegar in place of the rice wine vinegar? Or do I have to go to the store to get the one thing I don't have in my cupboard to make this tonight? : ((
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T
    You could try using rice vinegar it just will have a little less of that acidic factor. The real test would be to make it without and then the next time make it with the rice wine vinegar. Cheers!
  • Tricia R
    Tricia R
    I'm so thankful to RouxBe for teaching me pan sauces. Once you learn how, you can easily make a chicken or pork dish and a nice sauce to go with it. I made this recipe last night on a whim because I happened to have all the ingredients. It was delicious!
  • Gloria M
    Gloria M
    I'd like to make this for a dinner party for at least 6, maybe 8 people. I'm thinking I might use 2 large s.s. pans to pan-fry the medallions and make the sauce (to take advantage of all the sucs), then combine all of the sauce and cooked pork in one of the pans to heat through. Or should I stick with 2 pans all the way? Also, one of the potential diners is vegetarian, and gluten intolerant. Does anyone have a recipe for a patty that would fit the bill (not tofu)? In this case I would use vegetable stock to make the sauce and let her know about the sucs from the pork.
  • Christophe K Rouxbe Staff
    Christophe K
    I would do it in 2 pans. If you put all the meat in 1 pan, the meat could steam or boil and cook unevenly.
  • Dwayne E
    Dwayne E
    I made this dish yesterday and a few things I would appreciate your help with. 1- the pork, though moist was too salty and somewhat overpowered the meal. I brined it for close to two hours, should I decrease the time to say 30-60 min or use less salt? 2- the sauce presented well, but the taste was a bit bland. I found the volume of liquid (homemade dark stock used) quite a bit so I likely cooked the onions and apples too long or / and didn't wait for the half reduction, (quite a bit of volume in the pan). Anty thoughts? Dwayne
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T
    To answer your questions, 1) I believe I just answered this on another thread that you posted, but in short, yes, decrease either the salt and/or the brining time 2) as for the blandness of the sauce, it's hard to say exactly why it was bland — the reasons could have been, the miso used (oh wait, I see you are commenting on the apple/sage pork tenderloin maybe?)...anyway, it does sound like it could have been the stock used and how far it was reduced. How far a stock is reduced (or not reduced) will greatly affect the flavor of a dish. Cheers!

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