Tamarind Chutney

Tamarind Chutney


Tamarind, raisins, dates, fennel and chilies are slowly simmered to create the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.
  • Serves: 1 cup
  • Active Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hr
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Step 1: Preparing the Chutney

• 1 to 2 tsp fennel seeds*
• 1 tsp black mustard seeds
• 1 cup tamarind purée*
• 1/4 cup pitted dates
• 4 tbsp jaggery*/palm sugar (or sugar of choice)
• 1/4 cup raisins
• 3 green chilies
• 1/4 tsp Kashmir* or chili powder


Note: We use 2 teaspoon of fennel seeds, but some people may find that too strong, so you may want to start with 1 teaspoon the first time you make this.

To toast the fennel seeds, place them into a small fry pan over medium heat. Stir regularly and toast the seeds for a minute or two until the seeds start to release their aroma.

Remove the seeds from the pan and let cool. Place the seeds into a mortar and pestle or spice grinder and grind into a fine powder.

Next, toast the black mustard seeds, cover with a lid and gently shake until the seeds just begin to pop, then remove from the pan and set aside to cool.

*It is important to have good tamarind purée for this recipe. To make your own, (highly recommend), see the related recipes tab for the video on “What is Tamarind”.

Roughly chop the dates and jaggery. Add both to the tamarind purée. *Jaggery is also known as palm sugar. If you don’t have any, simply substitute with brown sugar or add more dates and omit the sugar all together.

Next, add the raisins, along with the toasted fennel powder and mustard seeds and stir to combine.

Bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat and let simmer.

Meanwhile, slice the chilies down the middle, but keep them whole. Add them to the pot, along with the Kashmir powder. *Kashmir is an Indian chili powder. If you do not have, use regular chili powder, to taste.

Let the chutney simmer for about 45 minutes or until it has thickened.

Let cool and then refrigerate. Note: The chutney will continue to thicken as it cools.

Chef's Notes

This chutney goes particularly well with samosas, pakoras or Aloo Ki Tikki (Indian Potato Patties).


  • Charlie S
    Charlie S
    Looks delicious, but I was thinking of making a batch, how long do you think this would store for?
  • Dawn T Rouxbe Staff
    Dawn T
    I imagine that this will keep for quite sometime. I think that I had some leftovers in my refrigerator for several weeks...could have kept it longer but the leftovers went too fast :-)
  • Charlie S
    Charlie S
    Thanks Dawn!
  • Frank R
    Frank R
    ? the green chilies do they have seeds in them and if they do can they be removed from the chilies before adding them to the pot with the chili powder. frank
  • Dawn T Rouxbe Staff
    Dawn T
    The green chilies have seeds that can be removed if you like things a bit less spicy, it's up to you. Cheers!
  • Theresa F
    Theresa F
    Where is the "related recipes tab" for the "What is Tamarind" / tamarind paste information?
  • Sandy S Rouxbe Staff
    Sandy S
    Hi Theresa, Here is the link for the tamarind info. https://rouxbe.com/tips-techniques/194-what-is-tamarind Cheers, Sandy
  • Theresa F
    Theresa F
    Thank you!

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