Cheezy Cashew Kale Chips

Cheezy Cashew Kale Chips


These kale chips are made with cashews, nutritional yeast, fresh lemon and spices. IMPORTANT NOTE: These kale chips are HIGHLY addictive.
  • Serves: 4 to 8
  • Active Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hr - 7 hrs
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Step 1: Making the Dressing

• 1 cup raw cashews
• 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
• 2 tsp onion powder
• 1 tsp garlic powder
• 1 to 2 tsp hot sauce (such as sambal or sriracha)
• 1/4 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
• 1/2 to 2/3 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (or water)
• 1 fresh lemon (approx. 2 tbsp juice)


To prepare the dressing, first soak the cashews for a couple of hours, or overnight. Once they are soft, drain.

Next, juice the lemon and add to a high speed blender, along with the next 5 ingredients.

Add about half of the non-dairy milk and blend to combine. Add more liquid as needed. The dressing should be thick, but still somewhat pourable.

If using the oven to make the kale chips, preheat the oven to 275°F (135°C) and line two large baking sheets with parchment paper.

Step 2: Cleaning the Kale

• 2 large bunches kale*


*Note: You can use either curly green kale or the longer, flatter Italian kale, also known as dinosaur kale, black kale or lacinato kale.

To prepare the kale, simply wash and tear into large pieces. The trick is to remove the leaves from the stems, keeping the pieces of kale as big as possible. The pieces will shrink considerably once dehydrated or baked in the oven.

Step 3: Preparing the Kale Chips


To prepare the kale chips, place the kale into a large bowl and pour the dressing over kale. Using your hands, coat the leaves evenly with the dressing.

Depending on how much kale you started with, you may not need all of the dressing. However, this dressing is meant to be quite heavy, so don’t be afraid to really coat the leaves well.

Next, place the leaves onto the prepared baking sheets. Be sure that the leaves are not overlapping, otherwise they will cook unevenly. Depending on the size of your baking sheets, you may have to cook the kale in multiple batches. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes or until crispy. Turn the leaves over halfway through cooking to ensure they bake evenly.

Alternatively, place the kale onto dehydrator trays. Make sure the leaves are in a single layer; otherwise they will not dehydrate evenly. Dehydrate at 115°F (46°C) for approximately 7-8 hours or until dehydrated and crisp. Depending on your machine, it may take more or less time.

Chef's Notes

Indian Kale Chips

Omit the lemon juice, hot sauce and nutritional yeast and replace with:

1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger
1 pitted date
1 1/2 tsp curry powder
1 1/2 tsp tamari

Italian Kale Chips

Omit the lemon juice, onion powder and hot sauce and replace with:

3 tbsp chopped green onion
1 cup loosely packed basil leaves
1 tbsp chopped sage leaves
1/2 tsp chili flakes (optional)


  • Andy H
    Andy H
    What temperature is the oven set at?
  • Donna M
    Donna M
    275 degrees Farenheit
  • Leenda W
    Leenda W
    This is the most unintelligible & unorganized recipe that I have seen on this site. Can anyone reconfigure?

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