Sea Salt & Onion Almonds

Sea Salt & Onion Almonds


Who needs roasted when you can have these germinated savory snacks? They're a great pairing to any salads or dishes when you just want a subtle savory flavor and crunch.
  • Serves: 2 cups
  • Active Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 12 hrs
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Step 1: Soaking the Almonds

• 2 cups raw almonds
• 4 to 6 cups water


To prepare the almonds, soak them in water for 3 to 4 hours to soften. Strain, reserving the almonds and discarding the liquid.

Step 2: Adding the Seasoning

• 2 tbsp curry powder
• 2 tbsp onion granules
• 1/4 tsp cayenne powder
• 1 tsp sea salt


To add the seasoning, place the almonds in a mixing bowl with the remaining ingredients and toss well.

Step 3: Dehydrating the Almonds


To finish the recipe, set the dehydrator at 115°F (35°C). Spread an even layer of almonds on the dehydrator trays, leaving room for air circulation. Continue to dehydrate for 7 to10 hours or until crisp.

Store the almonds in a sealed container and refrigerate to retain crispness.

Chef's Notes

Pack these almonds to eat as a snack on the go or use them as a great topping to salads.


  • Divina C
    Divina C
    What brand of dehydrator would you recommend? The Sedona or the Excalibur. My husband and I are thinking of buying one but we have to make sure which brand as they are quite expensive for us. We want to use it to dry fruits for the granola as some fruits are hard to find here and they also contain artificial preservatives. And course for other things for our start up business. Will my electricity bill shoot up by using a dehydrator? Thank you.
  • Chad S Rouxbe Staff
    Chad S
    Thanks for the question. This question comes up a lot and it really comes down to preference. Both are great, Sedona is digital whereas Excalibur is not and they heat quite evenly and accurately.They both are very low wattage so that should not be an issue. There are commercial models of both also available if you are using it for business. Most important piece to remember when choosing any dehydrator is to make sure that the air flow is from the back of the unit for it to be consistent and even, opposed to the round units with heating/fan unit at the bottom. Both Excalibur and Sedona are great products, so really would come down to if you would prefer digital or manual. Good luck, Chad
  • Barb H
    Barb H
    Wondering why these are done in the dehydrator instead of the oven? Low temp to preserve nutritional content? Thanks.
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    A dehydrator simply allows for more temperature control and better continuity of drying as a process. If you would prefer, you can try an oven set to a low temperature. ~Ken
  • Kervin
    How long would you leave it in the oven?
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    Well, the short answer is ... until they are fully dry. It depends on your lowest oven temp and the actual size and hydration of the almonds. Let them go for 45 mins or so, then check.If not done, just check every every 10-20 mins. ~Ken

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