Fresh Pasta Dough | Egg & Dairy Free

Fresh Pasta Dough | Egg & Dairy Free


You will not miss the egg or versatility of traditional pasta in this fresh dough. This is a simple and delicate base to work with for rolling and shaping a variety of fresh pasta dishes.
  • Serves: 3 cups
  • Active Time: 1 hr
  • Total Time: 1 hr
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Step 1: Preparing the Pasta Dough

• 1 pack (8 to10 oz) silken tofu
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 1/4 tsp turmeric
• 1/4 tsp sea salt
• 1 1/4 cup 00 flour, or all–purpose flour
• 1 1/4 cup semolina


First gather and prepare your mise en place.

To prepare the dough, in a food processor, blend the tofu, oil, turmeric and sea salt until smooth. Add the flour and semolina slowly, in equal parts, until the dough begins to clump into a ball. Remove from the food processor and place on lightly dusted board.

Add more flour and semolina slowly until the dough is not sticking to the counter top. Knead the dough for about 10 minutes until very smooth. Wrap tight in plastic wrap and allow the dough to rest for at least 30 minutes, or overnight in refrigerator.

Once rested, roll out the dough and use in multiple applications. * If the dough has rested overnight in the refrigerator, to make it more pliable, bring it out and let stand at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes before rolling.

Chef's Notes

This basic dough can be enhanced by adding several flavor combinations:

Yellow: add turmeric and yellow pepper powder
Red: add red bell pepper powder
Green: add spinach and leek powder


  • Bonnie D
    Bonnie D
    Can you freeze this dough? I had so much after making this recipe. I divided it into smaller portions, wrapped in plastic and put in a freezer bag and will give it a try. This was a fun exercise. When I made the manicotti with my pasta machine I rolled it out too thin for this first round. Next time I will make it a bit thicker for making ravioli and manicotti.
  • Chad S Rouxbe Staff
    Chad S
    Yes, this dough will freeze well. Once defrosted you can continue to roll it out and cut to desired size/shape. When I have left over dough I will always freeze for a later date. Also I will make piles of fresh pasta and freeze on a sheet pan. Once frozen I place them in zip locks and add to boiling water for a quick meal. Glad you enjoyed this recipe. Cheers, Chad
  • Kathleen S
    Kathleen S
    The pasta was great. I was hesitant to use tofu but was surprised it was delicious. I was disappointed on the color of the pasta. I thought the purpose of adding turmeric was for the color. I added double turmeric and color did not change. Please try it you will like it. Thanks for great recipe.
  • Chad S Rouxbe Staff
    Chad S
    The picture for this recipe shows a few different varieties of colored/flavored pasta dough. Using the turmeric will not color the pasta too much and will only give it a more natural more traditional egg pasta look. As covered in the pasta lesson: To make flavored and colored pastas, add dried vegetable powders and spices. For example: Red pasta: Add vegetables powders (for example, sun-dried tomato, red or chioga beet, or red pepper) or paprika. Yellow pasta: Add golden beet powder, yellow pepper powder or turmeric. Green pasta: Add spinach, kale or leek powder, or dried herbs. Endless possibilities. Cheers, Chad
  • Liliane
    Hi . This is first time I see tofu in fresh pasta dough? What is its purpose in the dough? What type of flavor does the turmeric gives this dough? I am excited to give this a try. Ciao!
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    In this recipe, the tofu adds fat and protein to help mimic the binding function that egg would ordinarily have in laminated pastas. The turmeric is just to add a hint of yellow - to resemble egg as well - it does not really impart any (or much) flavor at all. ~Ken
  • Robin L
    Robin L
    Are there appropriate tofu substitutes for this recipe?
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    To mimic the tofu, there is no great substitute. It adds both protein and fat, as well as supporting the overall smooth dough texture. I might suggest a regular dough - just water, flour and a touch of oil. ~Ken
  • Dawn  B
    Dawn B
    Can you use Gluten-free all purpose flour instead of regular flour in this recipe?
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    Hi Dawn- Sure, you can... try one of the "1 to 1" type flours designed to be used in pancakes and other more delicate foods. Some flour blends are denser/heavier than others (e.g. made with a lot garbanzo bean flour) so a lighter flour (more rice flour in the mix, perhaps starch) may work best in this case. ~Ken
  • Kathleen S
    Kathleen S
    How is the best way to store fresh homemade pasta if I am not going to serve it for 4-5 hours? This recipe is great. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Ken R Rouxbe Staff
    Ken R
    Hi Kathleen - The best way to store raw fresh pasta is in small bundles, lightly dusted with flour. These bundles/nests can be on a sheet pan that is loosely wrapped as to not let the pasta dry out too much. Good luck! ~Ken
  • Shafina E
    Shafina E
    Hi, just wondering... the recipe states silken tofu. Does it matter whether it is firm or soft tofu?
  • Chad S Rouxbe Staff
    Chad S
    Shafina - thanks for the question. ultimately it does not matter, but I usually use firm since the water content is a bit lower. - Cheers, Chad
  • Diana  S
    Diana S
    Does it matter if the food processor doesn't create a ball? I was able to still make the dough but wondering if I should try to achieve the ball for next time with a different approach.
  • Cindy K
    Cindy K
    What food processor do you recommend for kneading dough. I'm in the market for a new food processor for my home kitchen and I'm getting mixed reviews on line. I will appreciate your thoughts. Thank!
  • Kirk B Rouxbe Staff
    Kirk B
    Hi Cindy - I hope you are well. Thanks for your question - a big investment for sure! I am a big fan of Robot Coupe - which may be too expensive as it's used in many professional kitchens - here's a link to take a peek There are several videos that demonstrate what this machine can do. If too expensive, great to compare against other brands. I hope this helps! Chef Kirk
  • Adaire O
    Adaire O
    I loooove my Breville Soux Chef ~ 16 cup, it's awesoooome!!
  • Randy G
    Randy G
    Thinking of using this dough to do an extruded pasta like spaghetti or rigatoni. I’ve done this dough for laminated pasta but unsure if it will stand up to the pressure of extrusion. Of course, the best thing about cooking is to “just try” (which I might), but was hoping someone had already tried and was interested in hearing the results. If the dough is too delicate(?) for extrusion could more semolina pasta maybe make it more likely to work? Thx
  • Kirk B Rouxbe Staff
    Kirk B
    Thanks Adaire - The Breville is an amazing machine!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Kirk B Rouxbe Staff
    Kirk B
    Hi Randy - great post and thanks for the inquiry. Indeed, your instincts are right on here - the extrusion process definitely puts a little pressure on - I've enhanced the stability of this type of recipe with a dusting of semolina flour in the past and it worked very well! Think about starting with smaller batches to control the product more. I look forward to your results! All the best Randy, Chef Kirk
  • Susie P
    Susie P
    Do you cook this dough? If so how long, approximately?
  • Kirk B Rouxbe Staff
    Kirk B
    Hi Susie and thanks for your question. Indeed, you can proceed to cutting or shaping this dough into any pasta shapes you prefer. As for cooking, I've had good luck in cooking dairy-free pasta approximately 2 minute less/shorter than pasta that includes dairy. So for me, I've historically cooked pasta with dairy to the al dente stage - which takes 8 - 12 minutes. I live in Boulder, Colorado - so at high altitude, water boils at 205 degrees vs. 212 so my water takes a bit longer to get a nice roll and because the temperature is lower, it may take longer to cook than at sea level, etc. So depending on where you live Susie, use the 8 - 12 min window and for the dairy-free pasta, think about shaving a couple minutes off that time. Also, once cooked and drained, I would recommend not letting the pasta sit in the colander for too long as it might get sticky. Perhaps add back to whatever sauce you've decided on as soon as possible. I hope this helps Susie. Thanks for learning with Rouxbe. All the best, Chef Kirk
  • Dawn  L
    Dawn L
    My silken tofu package is 12.3 oz, the recipe references 8-10 oz should I simply use my entire package or measure out a smaller amount?
  • Kirk B Rouxbe Staff
    Kirk B
    Hi there Dawn and thanks for your question. I've made this recipe using this exact scenario and it worked out just fine. I do recall adding a touch more olive oil but for the most part, you can use the whole package. Thanks for cooking with Rouxbe! Chef Kirk

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