How to Prep & Cook Premium Steaks

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Lesson Overview

Most people, in their eagerness to enjoy a good steak, unwrap their steaks straight from the refrigerator and immediately drop them onto the grill or into a pan but a GREAT steak needs a bit more care and attention BEFORE the cooking even begins.

A perfectly-cooked steak is a very personal thing. Everyone likes their steak cooked a particular way and to a certain doneness; however, cooking a steak to the perfect doneness consistently can be a challenge – even for a pro. In fact, even amongst professional cooks, there is a debate on how to achieve this.

In this lesson, you will learn how to prep, temper, season and cook premium steaks using two different methods: the flip-once method and the flip-often method. We will compare the results of each so you can practice and discover which method you might prefer. We will show you how to determine doneness and why it is vital to rest meat prior to serving. You will also learn about the advantages of cooking steaks on the grill and in a pan.

Finally, using the pan method, we will teach you how to make a quick and delicious sauce to accompany your steak.

By learning just a few simple techniques, you will be able to confidently and consistently cook moist and juicy steaks every time.

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson you'll be able to:

  • understand how to properly prepare steak for cooking
  • describe the importance of tempering steak before cooking
  • identify the different ways you can temper steak
  • describe when to season steak and why
  • cook steak to maintain maximum juiciness
  • make a quick pan sauce for your steak
  • understand why resting steak is important
  • understand two different techniques used to cook steak
  • understand the importance of cooking temperatures and times when cooking steak
  • use a couple of different techniques for checking steak doneness
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Introduction: How to Prep & Cook Premium Steaks

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Complete Your Self Assessment

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Unwrapping, Tempering and Seasoning Steaks

6 mins

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Cooking Steak | Flip-Once vs. Flip-Often

3 mins

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Cooking & Determining Steak Doneness

4 mins

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Resting Steaks

2 mins

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Making a Pan Sauce for Steak

2 mins

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Cooking Steaks | In a Pan or on the Grill?

2 mins

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Practice Activities

45 mins

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Practice Activities & Recipes

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Lesson Quiz

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