Knife Skills

Knife Skills

Course Description

Start chopping! Learning to use a knife will radically change your kitchen experience. The more comfortable you are cutting food, the more you will cut. The more you cut, the more you cook. The more you cook, the better you feel, so get chopping and change your life.

In this course, you will learn the importance of selecting and caring for your knife- the most useful tool in your kitchen. You will be shown the correct techniques for cutting a variety of foods safely and effectively, and be introduced to cutting skills such as chopping, dicing and mincing. As you practice your skills and become more comfortable and proficient using your knife, you will be given a series of delicious recipes to prepare.

This course can be taken on demand, at your own pace. Once purchased, you have access to the course content and instructor support.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to select a knife and knife set
  • Learn how to properly and safely handle a chef's knife
  • Become comfortable cutting with a chef's knife
  • Confidently execute a number of different types of cuts
  • Learn how to sharpen and care for your knife

Course Syllabus

Knife Skills

This course charts a path for you to become more comfortable and proficient with handling a knife. Since a knife is the most important tool in the kitchen, we offer guidance on how to select and care for your knives while giving you ample opportunity to practice your skills.

  • Course Orientation
  • Task 1: Welcome to The Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Task 2: Course Orientation & Objectives
  • Task 3: Complete Your Course Self Assessment
  • Task 4: Rouxbe Pre-Assessment

Selecting a Knife Set

Learn what to look for when selecting the right knife for you and why it’s important to use high-quality knives.

  • Selecting a Knife Set
  • Task 5: Selecting a Kitchen Knife Set
  • Task 6: Label the Parts of Chef's Knife
  • Task 7: Practice Quiz

Proper Knife Handling

Learn how to safely and effectively use your knife.

  • Proper Knife Handling
  • Task 8: Handling a Chef's Knife
  • Task 9: The Bench Scraper Practice Activity
  • Task 10: Hone Your Knife Practice
  • Task 11: Cut 10 Feet of Celery
  • Task 12: Mid-Term Quiz

How to Cut with a Chef’s Knife

Tackle the techniques behind using most important knife in your kitchen: the chef’s knife.

  • How to Cut with a Chef’s Knife
  • Task 13: How to Cut Using a Chef's Knife
  • Task 14: Dicing Ingredients Practice
  • Task 15: Prepare a Raw Vegetable Salsa
  • Task 16: Select the Correct Images
  • Task 17: Make Minestrone Soup
  • Task 18: Practice Quiz

Sharpening Your Knife

This lesson introduces you to ways to keep your knives sharp.

  • Sharpening Your Knife
  • Task 19: Knife Sharpening with a Whetstone
  • Task 20: Practice Quiz
  • Course Review
  • Task 21: Course Review & Final Exam Preparation
  • Task 22: Final Course Assessment Quiz



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